23 May, 2017

Amazing SEO tools you must give a try in 2017, really helpful for your site growth

Posted by Sahil Goyal
Before implementing an SEO strategy, it is necessary to carry out an in-depth and detailed analysis that tells us what aspects need improvement. Given that there are more than 200 factors that are taken into account by search engine algorithms, it is easy to assume that such an analysis needs to be done not only in the most efficient way but also in a quick way. Hence the use of SEO tools is essential in this task. Optimizing a website internally requires a valuation of different variables, and likewise, we need to know the inbound links profile that our website has and what the competition is doing to get a better treatment than we do.

best seo tools for your site

SEO tools facilitate access to all these data and allow us to study them to make decisions, therefore, are the basis of any strategy. They are not a substitute for the work of the specialist, but an essential complement, the starting point from which we begin to build our actions.

While there are free SEO tools and other paid tools, it does not mean that the first ones are less useful than the second ones. There is the possibility to work to a certain level with free tools, although when it comes to projects that require a more exhaustive analysis, the functionalities of these are usually scarce. That's why every good search engine optimization professional must have an adequate array of paid SEO tools.

Then you have a whole battery of practical tools that allow you to perform a wide range of tasks related to SEO. These tools will help you analyze keywords, know your own backlinks and those of other websites with which we compete directly, detect what aspects we can improve internally in our site and many other useful functions to diagnose everything that can be improved. The section will be updated constantly with new tools that appear and cover any of the areas we mentioned.
  1. SEO Suites
  2. SEO Audit
  3. Keyword Analysis
  4. Article Rewriter
  5. Analysis of backlinks
  6. On-site analysis
  7. Ranking and monitoring of keywords
  8. Loading speed
  9. Content Automation
  10. Social Networks
  11. Various

SEO Suites 

SEO PowerSuite: SEO PowerSuite is a compilation of the four best tools of LinkAssistant software: Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass and LinkAssistant.

This software has the necessary tools for managing an SEO campaign. It has resources for the optimization of keywords, the creation of links, analysis of the competition, etc.

SEOProfiler: SEOProfiler offers a series of SEO tools to keep your website in the top positions of the search engines. Some of its functions are: ranking monitoring, web site auditing, website optimization, link building, competition analysis, and much more.

SEO Audit

MetricSpot: It could be said that MetricSpot is one of the main tools for conducting SEO audits in Spanish. One of its greatest advantages is the speed with which the analyzes are performed.

With MetricSpot you can download all the reports in PDF format, and also offers us excellent manuals on how to optimize our websites, making it a great reference for anyone who wants to learn more about SEO.

WooRank: Woorank, like MetricSpot, is designed so that SEO agencies or consultants can audit websites in a professional way. It allows limited audits for free without registration (once a day), but is no longer possible. To get an idea of what WooRank can do, it may be best to sign up for a free 14-day trial (credit card is required, be sure to cancel before the end of the subscription). The test allows you to analyze and track a site, including up to 3 competitors.

WooRank also offers extensions for Chrome and Firefox, for easy and fast access to our website auditing tool.

Keyword Analysis

Übersuggest: Get keyword suggestions with Übersuggest, the most easy-to-use free keyword research tool. Ubersuggest will help you create a list of relevant keywords (including long tail keywords) quickly.

Keywordtool.io: Keyword Tool is another great little tool for keyword suggestions. This tool is very similar to Übersuggest, but with some differences.

Keyword Tool looks more aesthetic than Übersuggest and gives many more results, but they are not the only differences. This keyword tool works by using YouTube, Bing, and Google AutoComplete feature data.

Article Rewriter : Many web developer and Teacher and student want to do their writing work soon as soon possible and they looking for high quality article spinner to rewrite an article so you must try STN Article Rewriter its Very useful and quality rewriter tool that make your Work And Assignment easier than any other tools. 

Backlink analysis 

Open Site Explorer: Open Site Explorer is an optimization tool that is actually a search engine for links. It is a tool developed by Moz.com that helps you keep track of the links that lead to your website. It is one of the essential tools to use as part of our search engine optimization strategy. A large part of the metrics are available for free, but if you want access to advanced features and reports, you'll need to have a paid account.

On-site analysis 

Xenu: Xenu is a free practice tool by which we can check all broken internal and external links of any website.

Microsoft SEO Toolkit: With the Microsoft SEO Toolkit you will get a detailed analysis of the performance of your website. The tool evaluates the website and shows us recommendations on how to optimize content, site structure and URL for search engines.

Ranking and monitoring of keywords 

Google: Yes, you heard right, Google is the simplest, free and effective way to check in which ranking position our website is.

Load speed

Pingdom: Pingdom is a web monitoring service that offers load speed tests. Pingdom will display the load time of your web page and will also provide a percentage of performance depending on several important factors.

GTmetrix: GTmetrix is another free tool to measure the loading speed of a web. GTmetrix not only provides information on page load speed, it will also analyze about 30 different aspects to improve the performance of your website.
Content Automation

Botize: Botize is a bot to automate tasks on Twitter and other social networks. To configure Botize it is not necessary to have knowledge in programming, since it includes a directory of formulas predesigned so that you can use freely.

Social networks

Hootsuite: HootSuite is a social media management tool that allows users to schedule and send updates to the pages or profiles of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, WordPress and other social networks in one place.


Schema Creator: Schema Creator is a handy tool that will help you to create custom codes for your products, opinions, events and so on and display the information as desired in the search results pages.

Once you have created your code, copy and paste it on your website, or you can also try out the free WordPress plugin for an easier application.
XML Sitemaps: Interesting tool to build a site map. Simply enter the URL of our website and some optional parameters and XML Sitemaps will create a site map that you can upload to Google Webmaster Tools.
SimilarWeb: With SimilarWeb you can see the web statistics of any domain. Use this tool to compare traffic between two web pages, a useful tool for research of our competitors.

PRChecker.info: PRChecker.info will help you to know the PageRank of any web page, that is, the popularity of a website according to Google.
Webmaster Tools: The tools for webmasters of Google and Bing, gives us an idea of ​​what the two major search engines think of our website. It is very useful for viewing errors, alerts and indexing problems.

Google Sandbox Checker: Google Sandbox Checker is a simple tool to check if our website is affected by the Sandbox effect. It's very easy to use, just enter the domain name and hit the Check! Button, you'll know if your website is in the Google Sandbox or not.

This tool is more than just a Sandbox checker, it will also tell us if our website is penalized by the Google algorithm.

Copyscape: Copyscape is one of the most popular tools for detecting plagiarism in texts. Through Copyscape you can make sure that your content or part of it, has not been published on other websites. Copyscape is a tool used by many online marketers to maintain control over content theft of websites.

SEO Mofo: This tool simulates the search results on the Google page, this way you will see the appearance of your fragments in the SERPs.


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