24 November, 2016

Digitalize your payment with Spendwallet | No need for cards from now

Posted by Sahil Goyal
With the growth of Internet, Digital payments are very popular nowadays. It helps users to pay without worrying about cash in your wallet. Customers having lots of Credit and Debit cards face lots of problems into their management and it turns into troublesome. Recently a US based company X Lab launched their new wallet named "Spendwallet" providing a common secure platform to store all your card details and make secure payment with this single wallet.

Spendwallet is compatible with all the payment machines and with Spendwallet your are not required to card your cards. Spendwallet is an electronic smartphone like device with a dedicated smartphone app to save all your card details using Spendwallet reader. Unlike cards it doesn't require swiping while payment.


Features of Spendwallet

  • A tiny electronic device doesn't take much space in your wallet
  • It store all your card details and use them for payment
  • Doesn't require swiping while payment
  • No need to enter PIN while payment
  • Instant payments, just select your card and tap with the payment machine
  • 3.5 mm audio jack
  • Connect your device with smartwallet via Bluetooth to get all the details in the Smartwallet device
  • Supported by every payment machine
  • Special self destruct feature in case if you lost your Smartwallet device


 You can store around 20 cards in it and it costs only $99. You are not required to carry any extra gadget to make it compatible with your payment machine. You don't have to compromise your card details to any third party companies to make payments. Every data in Spendwallet device is encrypted with 256 bit encryption technique that makes your data super secure. Spendwallet is a great option for those who find it difficult to manage multiple cards. And with self destruction feature it wipes out all your data in case if you lost your Smartwallet. It is the future of Digital payment.


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