10 October, 2016

Trick to get Reliance Jio SIM for free instantly with Free Preview Offer

Posted by Sahil Goyal
Reliance Jio is offering its free preview offer using which you would be able to make unlimited free calls and access unlimited 4G data till the end of 2016. People got crazy to get new Reliance Jio sim card to advantage this offer, but the problem is All the Reliance Digital express stores and mini stores got out of stock and there is no SIM cards lefts now, and company providing few SIM cards to each store daily. But now you can get the Jio sim card for free without standing in any queue.

port into Jio MNP

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You might have seen private Store keepers are selling Jio SIM card at Rs 300-1000 per SIM card, and people are also buying from them to get away from the crowdy lines. People who are buying Jio SIM cards either don't know about portability or they can't wanna wait for 10-15 days, as it takes around 10 days to get your ported SIM card activated.

Requirements for Porting into Jio

  • Whatever you getting a new SIM card or porting another into Jio, you are required to have your Aadhar card, if you are carrying aadhar of someone else then you need to carry that person too for fingerprint verification and If you are purchasing SIM from Delhi then you need to have Delhi address in your Aadhar Card and same applies to other areas

  • Many Jio stores asks for Bar Code generated using My Jio app into any 4G device, if your device showing error while generating Bar code, you can try into another 4G device or purchase as many bar codes you need for Rs 10-20 per code

  • You need to have unique porting code generated by requesting for port to 1900

Steps to Port Your SIM Card

  • Arrange a SIM card which is less often used for daily calls i.e. find spare sim cards
  • Insert that SIM card into any device
  • Type " PORT < SIM NUMBER> " and send it to " 1900 ", after some time you will get a unique porting code
  • Carry that Porting Code to Jio Store or any Reliance Digital Express mini store
  • Show them your porting code and they will ask your Adhaar and Photo
  • After that they will Give you a new Jio SIM card which will be activated within maximum time of 10 days, generally it takes 3-5 days into activation
  • Now you cn enjoy unlimited calling, unlimited messaging and unlimited 4G internet till 31st december 2016

NOTE : A porting code has validity of 15 days, so if you are porting after 15 days then you need to request for new porting code.


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