21 August, 2016

Fix your Webcam crashing after Windows 10 Anniversary update

Posted by Sahil Goyal
Recently Microsoft launched big Anniversary update for their Windows 10 users, update includes significant changes to the Windows interface and support for the webcams. But if you are trying to open your camera app/Webcam then it might terminates abnormally, don't panic you are not the only one getting this trouble. This issue causing several Webcams inoperable, troubling customers as well as enterprise. This issue is significantly reported by Windows 10 users after they updated to Anniversary update for Windows 10.

Fix for WIndows 10 webcam crash issue

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Microsoft added Windows camera frame server that provides a new way to access Webcams directly from the applications and it also prevents compression formats MJPEG & H.264 being recently used by Webcams. Microsoft designed Camera Frame Server in a way that it will only receive YUY2 encoded uncompressed streams from the Webcams, it affected millions of Webcams even more than Microsoft expected. This is the only reason behind freezing and crashing of your camera while Video callings and recordings over Skype and Other apps. This issue is first reported by Brad Sams of Thurrot . 

Microsoft announced that, they have planned for this issue and they will release an update in September. But you have to wait for 1 month for the update and patch for this issue. For users who don't wanna wait for the update here a method is given using which you would be able to re-enable the old behavior of your Webcam.

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Method to Fix Windows 10 Webcam crash issue :

To apply this method you are not required to be a specialist or any deep knowledge of how computer works. You just need to change some registry settings of your Windows 10 enabled system. The method is very simple just follow the instructions given below.

Steps for Windows 10 32-bit :
  1. Open the regedit.exe [ search for regedit in the search box or run box ]
  2. In the left most column few options are given, now navigate to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE"
  3. Double click on it and sub-list will arrive. doing so navigate to "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows media foundation\Platform"
  4. after navigating to Platform, right click on it and click on New -> DWORD(32-bit) value
  5. Set Name as"EnavleFrameServerMode" and value as 0

Steps for Windows 10 64-bit :
  • In 64 bit systems the path is little different you need to navigate to "SOFTWARE\WOW6432N\Microsoft\Windows media foundation\Platform" inside "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" and rest of the steps are same as 32-bit.

Now save and close the regedit.exe app, and re-launch the Webcam or the app which require Webcam, no reboot or logout required, doing so wouldn't affect anything. For next update you need to delete the changes made now i.e. delete the "EnavleFrameServerMode" named entry before updating September update. The above described method is simple bu you need to be careful while changing registry settings. One single mistake can make your system unstable or may be temporary or permanently inoperable.

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