26 August, 2016

Pokemon Go Inidvidual Value-IV stats | Get the best Pokemon to evolve into Strongest one

Posted by Sahil Goyal
Evolving any Pokemon in the Pokemon GO is the one of the toughest and time consuming task. It takes much time for the most of the Pokemon, except some which can be evolved using few candies. The easiest way to get candies is to hunt for the same Pokemon again and again. Once you gained enough candies, you are ready to evolve your Pokemon. But here another trouble arises, having some many Pokemon might be troublesome is same cases, especially while deciding for the Pokemon to evolve. You are free to choose any of your Pokemon if you doesn't fight on your own and helping others to gain over gyms, but is matters a lot if you're like Ash and love to accept challenges any time, then you need superior Pokemon to win against the rival Pokemon. You need to figure out the proper and best suited Pokemon to evolve which lasts till the end in the battle. The one you choose should have great Defense skills as well as Stamina and Attacking skills too, there's a proper formula behind choosing the right Pokemon to evolve and that's all you need to calculate your Pokemon using that formula.

Pokemon Go Inidvidual Value-IV  stats

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I'm taking Rattata as an example to explain things better and for the sake of this guide. It's a common Pokemon and can be evolved using very few Rattata candies. It only takes 25 candies, that can be found in a single trip to any grocery store or super market.

Combat Power

Every Pokemon requires Stardust and Candies to grow and evolve into more powerful Pokemon and Whenever you got any Pokemon with higher CP i.e. that Pokemon has already enough power and you doesn't requires to invest your Candies and Stardust on already powered Pokemon. An arc appearing over Pokemon details the CP (Combat Power) of it, more the Arc filled the better your Pokemon is.

The CP of your Pokemon also depends on your level i.e. Player/Trainers level, if you are a newbie then you can't evolve your Pokemon to higher level and when your Pokemon reached its certain limits for your level then it can't be further evolved and you need to raise your level first so that you can evolve your Pokemon further.

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Health Power

HP (Health Power) of your Pokemon describes the defensive power i.e. how much powerful damage it can hold. And this power can also be increased by evolving your Pokemon to further levels. It's minimum and maximum evolving limits also dependent on the Trainer's/Player's level.

Consider Evolving, before Powering up

Powering up any Pokemon raises its strengths to some percentiles of its current strengths, but for a limited time. So its better to evolve your Pokemon first so that the power gained while powering up will be more than before. Its better to hold any power ups packs before the evolution of Pokemon.

Two Pokemon are rarely equal

Every Pokemon have different HP and CP, even when you have many Pokemon of same type like you have 5 Rattatas, but it doesn't mean they all have same combinations for Hp and CP. So if you don't know what IV stats and evolving any Rattata, then you might accidentally evolve Rattata with lower HP and CP because you doesn't know about IV stats in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go IV (Individual Value) stats

IV stats gives you information about the Attack, Defense and Stamina stats of any Pokemon. So using it you would be able to find Pokemon with higher stats and then it would be easier for you to pick the higher powered Pokemon to evolve into more powerful one.

HP and CP looks like only values to a normal player but the geek knows how to use each terms and values to advantage into the gameplay. Below HP and CP of 6 different Rattatas are given:

Rattata 1          106(CP)          26(HP)
Rattata 2           53(CP)          17(HP)
Rattata 3           50(CP)          15(HP)
Rattata 4           23(CP)          12(HP)
Rattata 5           21(CP)          10(HP)
Rattata 6           20(CP)          10(HP)

Looking out the stats you can easily determine, evolving which Rattata will give you better powerful Pokemon, so using IV stats a nerd can easily pick the best suited Pokemon to evolve.

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How to get IV calculator ?

To calculate the Iv of each Pokemon you have, you simply need an IV calculator which you can easily be found at Pokemon GO IV calculator. Iv calculator is easy to use and you need to know the following things before using the calculator :

  • Complete Name of your Pokemon
  • Your Trainer level
  • Current Arc position of that Pokemon
  • Current CP and HP of your Pokemon

Just put those entries in the Calculator and collect the ratings from there

Pick the right Pokemon analyzing IV stats

Using the Pokemon Go IV calculator, you would easily be able to get HP/CP graph of each and every Pokemon you got or you wish to evolve. And you need to choose the right one who has better Attack, Defense and Stamina skills than others. You need that to be 100 percent but it's possible only if you are luckiest person in the world, i wish if you be able to get that but its not true in general cases, you have to choose the Pokemon which has HP and CP closer to 100 percent.

Stats for Rattata 1

Stats for Rattata 4

Its pretty good Pokemon and the wisest choice to evolve this Pokemon, its HP already got to 100 percent and other powers are too more than 50 percent.

Rattata 1 106 7.5 86-122 26 21-27
Rattata 2 53 4.5 49-691716-20
Rattata 350443-601515-19
Rattata 423218-251210-12
Rattata 521218-251010-12
Rattata 620218-251010-12

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Pokemon Evolved IV stats

After evolution of these Rattats we got new updated and improved IB stats for Raticate (Improved version of Rattata) and these are given in the below screenshots :

In the lasts I just wanna say its better to get un-evolved yet powerful Pokemon rather hunting for Evolved but lower skilled Pokemon. You might be lucky if you got higher IV powerful evolved Pokemon. If you wish to power up a particular Pokemon then look for its un-evolved version and try to find some other Pokemon similar to your desired Pokemon to compare their IV stats and choose the right one to evolve it.


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