26 August, 2016

How to find and remove duplicate files on your Android device

Posted by Sahil Goyal
Storage was considered as the critical problem when technology didn't evolve like as it now, but as time passed the problem got sorted and new devices having storage space of 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and more, were launched. Nowadays Mobile devices come up with builtin storage up to 128 GB and a slot to attach external memory with support up to 64 GB micro card.

How to find and remove duplicate files from your Android device

There are lots of pre-installed applications come up with the Android devices and people download other apps working similar to some of the default apps. And when people got super fast internet then users like me download many apps and games blindly even if they are not useful for me in any case. They don't think of uninstalling those unused apps to free up their consumed memory. So later on low storage space become an issue for those people.

Storage issue also occurs due to poor management of data placed in your device, people kept thousands of photos, videos and apk files and even while sharing photos and videos on the social sites like Facebook, Twitter or sending through social apps like Whatsapp, Hike, Instagram these file got saved to your device also, resulting in so many duplicate files consuming your space and made your device, out of free space.

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How files got duplicated in your Android device ?

There are several possible reasons behind the duplication of your files, some of them are following:
  • Whenever data is backed up into your Android device, then the files got copied and compressed using any suitable algorithm and store in the memory, this might not be any trouble unless your backed up data don't consume much of your storage space. If your backed up many duplicate data files then they also got duplicated into backed data.
  • Consider you are creating backup for your contacts and media files on your device and now some days ago you lost some of your contacts and some media files and now you need to restore them from the backup you made, but its hard to remember what contacts and files your lost so you totally recovered your data but some of the data is already present on your system i.e. after you recovered your backup, it resulted in many of the files and contacts got duplicated and consuming your precious storage space.
  • While sharing images, video and audio files on social sites and apps or while editing into the data, the shared copy and editing files also stored on your devices resulting in multiple copies of those data files.
  • Sometime while receiving folders having multiple data inside it might got failed and then you need to retry receiving, so it results in duplication of data files that already been sent to your device before failure.
  • Cached images and files also duplicate available data in your device.
  • downloading same content again and again results in duplication.

Problem caused by duplicate files and data in your Device

If the duplicate files and data are very small then it might not be a trouble, but it will sooner or later cause a great trouble if you don't take proper action regarding it. The only problem caused by duplicate files is that it consumes your limited storage but its side effects are more and worse and beyond your thoughts like if your have large data set got duplicated then it block you storing new important data and files. And sometime when we want to receive new data in our device and our device got out of storage then in hurry important files and documents may got deleted and the duplicates still may remain into the system.

You might have noticed when our device's internal storage got completed filled by these duplicated files or original ones then it's performance got slowed down and it starts getting hang and it might got slowed down to such extent that even opening any app or going back to home may take a while.

Searching time of any device depends on the technique used for searching and the number of files from which the data have to be searched, so when you got large duplicated data sets then your searching time also raised and making your device more slower than before.

If we have proper system installed in our device for revoking files being duplicated and we manually delete these duplicated files time to time from our system then we never run out of space and we will always been able to receive new data into our system if it is important or not, at least we are not duplicating the data.

Advantages of removing duplicate contents from your Android 

Deleting duplicate files and data leads you free space for new data and other files into your Android and it has some other advantages given below:
  • Upgrade system performance
  • Reduced time for backups and recovery
  • Faster searching
  • Organized files libraries

Methods for Removing Duplicates files from your Android

There are two ways to remove duplication from your Device storage, either you can install some apps and they will delete the duplicate files or you can manually remove duplicate files. Follow the steps given below :

Removing Duplicate Files automatically through Apps

There are tons of apps available on the Google's Play Store like Search Duplicate FileDuplicate Media RemoverDuplicate File Finder-Remover etc. that has features given to search and remove duplicate files and keep your Android free for storage. You can visit this link to see best 100 duplicate file removers.

These files removers lookout for files with approximately similar name, similar size and matching meta information and then remove those duplicate files by keeping one copy for each so that the original file doesn't got deleted by mistake. Some of these apps ask before removing files and display list of duplicated files they have selected so that you can watch them and take the appropriate action, although you can prevent files from getting deleted if you found any of files added to the list by mistake.

These are will help you removing some of your duplicate files but they don't have enough capability to catch all the duplicate files, so you have to manually check for those files and remove by yourself.

Removing Duplicate Files manually through PC/Laptop/Desktop : 

For this method you need a computer system, you can do it only through your mobile but it will fell into a time consuming complex scenario, if you have enough free time then you can do it only through your mobile.

For this method connect your device to your computer system and create some directories in your Android device in a hierarchical manner and start from the first direct in your Android device and move them to newly created directories accordingly, by using this method you may find some data files that haven't used recently and you haven't planned of using in near future.

In the last I just want to say that keeping our mobiles free from these duplicate files is a good habit and we must need to regularly perform these above defined steps to keep our mobile storage free for new files and data.


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