12 August, 2016

18 Tips, Tricks & Cheats followerd by Best Trainers in Pokemon Go

Posted by Sahil Goyal
Hello folks as you already know, Pokémon Go has become the world’s most playing game within few weeks after its launch. Everyday people from every part of the world joining this game and only one goal to catch more and more Pokémon as they can.  You might found people running here and there randomly just to grab the Pokémon.

Pokemon Go tips tricks and CHeats

I’ve been waiting to launch this awesome game in India. But some of my foreigner friends told me about this game and some tips and tricks they used to follow to grab the Pokémon and how they became Pokémon masters so early. I hope these tips and cheats also help you to excel this game. Pokemon Go for PC

If you wanna one of the best masters then you must need to learn how to defend successfully from best attacks.

Hunting for Pokémon

Pokemon Go tips tricks and Cheats

1. Visit Parks and open areas having multiple PokéStops

  • You can possibly find Pokémon anywhere at any place but the chances for getting multiple Pokémon are visiting a wide and open area. You need to go to populated places in order to grab lots of Pokémon. The main advantage of hunting Pokémon near PokéStops is that, you would never run out of Poké-Balls.

2. Search in Pairs and Groups

  • The best trill while hunting is that, if any Pokémon displayed in your screen at any place then the same Pokémon will be shown at the same place as of you on everyone else’s screen nearby you. So the hunting turned out in competition where there are lots of people playing this game around you. But it surely adds some interest & trill and it’s one of the popular reason behind the success of this game.

3. Try to avoid playing at night on roads and lonely places

  • Well there are some Pokémon that don’t appear in the daylight so you need to hunt for them in the night. But you must need to assure your safety as well and to avoid getting robbed or stabbed make sure you play only in well-lit areas.

4. Discover Pokémon using your Radar Ring

  • You might noticed that there are some light rings glowing towards border around your avatar, yeah that what it called Radar Ring, you can use it to search free Pokémon that haven’t trapped yet. Whenever any Pokémon gets into your range then that Pokémon would be shown in your Radar Ring. The radar range might varies between 700-1000 feet i.e. Pokémon within 700-1000 feet will be shown in your radar so that you can find and get them.

5.  Wanna grab rare Pokémon, look for moving leaves in your radar

  • You might got disturbed many times by green leaves while playing Pokémon Go, yeah this is most ridicules thing because you wouldn’t able to find any Pokémon when these leaves appears. But you might take the advantage of these leaves. These leaves refer to the area for Pokémon spawn point. If you stay long enough to that place you might be able to see Pokémon that don’t there on your radar before. But it’s too far from guarantee that you surely get any chance to see rare Pokémon. But you can hope for the best.

6. Pokémon love parking lots

  • If you are looking to grab many Pokémon quickly then I suggest you to visit parking lots. I don’t know whatever would be the reason my friend told me that he found 6 Pokémon in the parking lots and it would be like getting treasure if parking lot is near to the Poké-Stops.

7. Turn off the Augmented Reality and grab more Pokémon

  • Augmented reality makes it difficult to grab any Pokémon and even drain your device’s battery at faster rate.  Flip it off in the crowded place, you can anytime turn it on if you found any Pokémon in an open and wide location.

8. Throw Poké-Balls and get bonuses

  • You might already knew that in order to grab any Pokemon you need to toss the ball in the shrinking flames around the Pokémon that strike to either their head or nose. But some catches might lead you to get extra bonuses and the chances of keeping that Pokémon inside the ball raised for perfect tosses.
  • Remember one this tap and hold your Poké Ball for certain time so the ring around the Pokemon arrived and then if the Pokémon even try to break the boundaries, it will automatically come inside the flames. And you would not lose the ball.

9. Use Razz Berries and Great & Ultra balls to grab higher CP Pokemon

  • The Standard-issued Poké Balls can be used to grab higher level Pokémon and if you do so, it may even cause then to run and you will lose your Poké ball too. So in order to contain higher level wild Pokémon use upgraded Poké Balls. These upgraded Balls raise the chances to grabbing the Pokémon even upon the wrong tosses. Feed Razz Berries to Pokémon if they try to escape.

10. Don’t panic if you got out of sync

  • Daily new people are connecting to Pokémon Go, so their server might sometime get overloaded with lots of players and it may cause the app crash or went out of connectivity. You are suggested to Force Stop the app and restart it. When you restart the game you either already got that Pokémon or the Pokémon might be spawned and waiting for you at its place. So you don’t need to worry are losing connectivity.

Competitors make Pokemon Go more enjoyable

Pokemon Go tips tricks and Cheats

11. Play Pokémon Go during off-hours

  • You might found people playing this all the day but the most active period when most people come online to play this game is evening. You can use to play this while lunch period and evening time. You will get more competition during evening.

12. Use Ingress Map system to find Poké Stops

  • Many maps are used in this game to find Poké-Stops and Gyms and one of the mostly used Map system is Ingress. You can use Ingress to figure out the exact location of Gyms and Poké-Stops. This would help you to put all your efforts at proper place. Portals in the Pokémap are the Poké-Stops.

13. Attach the lures and Pokémon will hunt for you

  • If you feel it’s a lazy process getting here and there to find Pokémon, then there is another easy way to grab Pokémon. Attach the lure to any place you want and then Pokémon will spawn after every 3-5 minutes in your lure. And there might be some chances to get rare Pokemon.

14. Waiting might be sometime helpful for you

  • When any newbie joins Pokémon Go, he try to evolve his Pokémon as soon as possible. I suggest you to concentrate on leveling your experience because as you level up the chances for getting higher level Pokémon also raised and they become more powerful on every evolution.

15. Try to evolve higher level Pokémon

  • You will see level ring around their icon, when your boost your Pokémon. New Pokémon aren’t able to gather much power upon evolving. So my suggestions are to evolve Pokémon of higher levels.

16. Try Lucky Eggs before evolving your Pokémon

  • Leveling up might reward you some Lucky Eggs or you can buy them from the store. Lucky eggs will double your experience you collect for 30 minutes. The best way to use those rewards is evolving Pokémon.

  • As I told Lucky eggs affect doubling your personal XP, simple evolving reward you 500 XP but if you use lucky eggs while evolving you will get 1000 XP every time you use lucky eggs with evolution o Pokémon.

17. Trick the game to hatch your eggs

  • You are supposed to walk to get 9.8KM/10Km egg to hatch. You might went to an area where GPS locations are not steady enough so the game think of you are moving. You can attack your phone to dog or more around ant round thing instead of walking straight. You can also hang your phone with a fan (don’t try this unless you want your phone into pieces).
  • Keep in mind that the game doesn’t count your movement if your crossed the speed limits.

Gym and Battles

18. Match any Pokemon to its opposing type

  • Every Pokémon has their opposing types, so you can use this info as a trick to tackle and take the opposing team down. You just need to know how to match up opposing Pokemon.

Here is a list for opposing types:

  • Ground: Ice, Grass, Water
  • Flying: Electric, Ice, Rock
  • Normal: Fighting
  • Fire: Water, Rock, Ground
  • Psychic: Bug, Ghost
  • Bug: Fire, Flying, Rock
  • Rock: Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground, Steel
  • Ghost: Ghost
  • Dragon: Dragon, Ice, Fairy
  • Steel: Fire, Fighting, Ground
  • Fairy: Poison, Steel Water: Electric, Grass
  • Fighting: Flying, Psychic, Fairy
  • Poison: Ground, Psychic
  • Electric: Ground
  • Grass: Fire, Bug, Ice, Poison, Flying
  • Ice: Fire, Fighting, Rock, Steel

Please comment down if you know any tricks that are not mentioned here i'id like to add it up


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