11 June, 2016

Whatsapp Gold is a Scam - Beware of it

Posted by Sahil Goyal
Gullible Whatsapp users are trickled in a new way that is by sending them message of downloading Whatsapp gold which has been claimed to be as an 'unique version' of the app. It is claimed to be an exclusive version of whatsapp. The message received by users claims that it is not available to all users and can be installed only via special invitation. The message is linked to a website named www.goldenversion.com that users are implied to click on to and download the Gold version of the app. The message in the mail, describes that the gold was till now used only by 'high class people'. There are lots of extra features introduced in the gold version like video calling, sending over 100 of images at once, free voice calling, changing WhatsApp themes and much more. You would be still pondering over the message. Its scammers trick to steal your data and trace your movements. By downloading the app from their website your Smartphone might get infected with malware, which will possibly allow access to hackers for stealing your private data and trace all of your movements and activity. It is a premium message scam going on now-a-days.

Whatsapp Gold a scam
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Features of Whatsapp gold :

  • All in one whatsapp
  • Disable voice note
  • Call button hide
  • Celebrities uses whatsapp gold 
  • Copy status
  • Delete send messages
  • Remove delivered tick
  • Are the features are given into this single app (Other Features like OSM, Yo, GB, GIO, OG also Added)
  • Disable voice call

Beware !! Whatsapp Gold or Whatsapp Plus is a spam

As soon as any app or service becomes popular, cyber criminals try to take advantage of users through it. WhatsApp is now a victim to such criminals, who have come up with something called WhatsApp Gold. In reality Whatsapp gold is a scam which is fully intended for stealing private information files about users, including their private images and videos. If you whenever get any kind of invitation to joins Whatsapp gold then don’t be clod. Initially, this scam was running under the name of “WhatsApp Plus”, the users got messages to upgrade to the advanced ‘plus’ version. But WhatsApp came to know about it and started scanning for it on the phone. If their scanning processes whenever find Whatsapp plus on any device, they automatically ban the ‘gold’ user from accessing their service and show an error message to uninstall this unauthorized or illegal version. It also suggests people to wait for at least 24 hours before downloading again the original version from the Android’s Play store of. There is no association between developers of Whatsapp Plus and Whatsapp. Neither facebook nor whatsapp have issued any kind of official statement that can verify such app.  Read Also: Parallel Space App

The scam has already been marked out from the Twitter account of National Police of Spain. However even Whatsapp gold doesn’t exist it’s a fake service. The link within the message takes users to a website, currently showing a '404 Error Page' message, which may lead to download malwares onto your phone.

Whatsapp gold is totally a scam and their Facebook never said anything about the premium update into Whatsapp gold. It is a trick of hackers to steal your personal data. Don’t be deceived by any such messages.


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