29 June, 2016

How to play and Tactics followed to win Limax.io Mod

Posted by Sahil Goyal
You might not feel any difference while playing Limax.io and Slither.io, due to the similar working of both games, so they are equally popular among the modern generation who are addicted to play online games. The features given by Limax are too similar to the features given out by the Slither.io to its players. Being a very popular game it is very essential that the players must be known to every information regarding the Limax game.

Limax is one of the popular game so played online by thousands of people across the globe. The game file contains a mod named Limax.io, and we will be discussing about this mod in this topic.

how to play Limax.io mod online game

Tactics about Limax.io to use in the field for more food :

  • Try to eat all food nearby before attacking to someone
  • To save your power and to be in proper size avoid running too much
  • the bigger the opponent more food you can get
  • Being in a crowd is far way better than fighting one to one, because more the people die more chance to get the food
  • Having a friend in the field would be great help, you can use your friend for protection and do the same for your friend
  • Remember never and ever try to touch the wall, stay as far as you can be from the wall, once the wall touched its over

How to play Limax.io mod ?

you may already watched you friends playing this game and may already know the working of the game. The initial impression about the game for a player is that, it is a very simple and easy game where you need your player to go bigger and bigger gradually. But it needs good skills to expertise all the sessions of the game.

  • Its important to have a eye catchy and interesting nickname so the opponent gets attracted towards you, so choose your nickname wisely before heading to play the game
  • Keep on clicking or tapping to gain speed in the game
  • Beware of the traps set by the opponent to bring you down
  • hold down your cursor tightly after starting the game, as the screen moves in the opposite direction upon the movement of cursor to make the impression that the cursor is followed by the slug
  • Keep moving your slug to collect the scattered orbs over the screen, the more orbs you collect more points you gain for raising the weight.
  • Once you reached the stage where you get 30 reward points, click left button of your mouse to release Slime behind your slug. Slime will help to kill your opponents once your opponent hit it. And it will also raise your game speed for some time.
  • While roaming for Orbs your slug can be caught by the rivals, moving next to them can save you but once got touched then time to go home game is over for you
  • Releasing too much Slime can cost you losing all your point, as each Slime costs 10 points, so release Slime only when necessary
  • Once you kill any slug turn around instantly and collect all the scattered points
  • Stay away from the walls to be in the game

Knowledge base of Limax.io

Limax comes up with its own library base having information about all of the aspects of the game. For regarding any data or query you can look out their knowledge base. But if still your query remains unsolved their visit to their FAQ section( frequently asked question ).

Limax.io Mod

Recently they launched new update for its players with some extra awesome features. The added features are like as follows :
  • You can now Zoom In and Zoom Out using the scroll given at the mouse, scroll up for Zoom in and scroll down for Zoom out
  • Make use of Minimap for getting current position of the slag
  • The nickname can cab be used again and again for future reference


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