03 June, 2016

Corsair Lapdog- Experience PC Gaming with Keyboard and Mouse on your lap

Posted by Sahil Goyal
Corsair Lapdog is a portable gaming control center that seeks the utilization of keyboard and mouse on a couch convenient. Underneath the Corsair Lapdog is memory foam, a couch that you can put in your lap which stabilizes the weight of the monstrous device. Lapdog is designed in such a way that it enables a 4K gaming experience in your living room.

Corsair Lapdog - best gaming keyboard and mouse

Technical Specifications:

  • Enormous 11” by 11” mouse pad area and keyboard dock
  • Powered USB 3.0 Hub for keyboard, mouse, headset, game controllers and flash drives with built-in 4 ports
  • Fast charging for your smart phone or tablet i.e. plunge into your favourite game and take your phone with you.
  • Hidden compartments to store your cables in a tidy manner.
  • Underneath cushion memory foam for user comfort i.e. say goodbye to hot laptops
  • Standalone station is also available or attach it with any mechanical keyboard
  • Well designed to support corsair K70 and K65 keyboards
  • Durable aluminium surface
  • Warranty of 2 years
  • Weight of Corsair Lapdog is 2.63kg


Unlike the keyboard, you can any wired or wireless mouse with the Lapdog. It measures 28.94” (L) * 10.27(W)*3.70(H) and supports standard mechanical keyboards. The memory foam cushion is easily attachable and detachable with the help of 6 magnetic points. The memory foam really feels comfortable on your lap.

Corsair Lapdog - best gaming keyboard and mouse

Corsair has smartly embedded a mounting position for the supplied driver to take off the screws for accessing the underside of the top panels. On top, we find an enormous 11” by 11” mouse pad plate on the right-hand side of the Lapdog. This hard surface mouse pad resides onto an aluminium plate which is detachable via 4 screws .Opposite to the mouse pad is the keyboard tray. The keyboard fits perfectly in the adaptable tray.

Corsair Lapdog - best gaming keyboard and mouse

On the top of the keyboard tray is a detachable cable component. In the cable components, cables are attached from your keyboard. USB hub lies at the corner of the device. USB hub is the vital part of Lapdog. USB 3.0 hub provides 4 powered DC ports. 2 of which ports are internal and they are used for connecting with keyboard and mouse. 2 ports which are external are used for USB headset or things like your smart phone or USB storage devices. In terms of port, you will find the DC input and USB host port at the back right side of the device. Read Also: Free Download Tubemate for PC

Corsair Lapdog - best gaming keyboard and mouse


  • Unique concept for PC living room gaming
  • Works without any gaming mouse
  • Comfortable to use
  • Two external USB 3.0 ports for other peripherals
  • Long 16-feet connecting cable to provide flexibility


  • Expensive
  • No keyboard wrist rest
  • Left-handed people will not be able to use this product
  • Mousing surface is unpleasant
  • Storing Lapdog with mouse pad and keyboard is ticklish

Corsair’s Lapdog is an interesting approach,as it attempts to tackle the living-room peripheral dilemma in an ambitious and unique way. Its premise is very simple to create a platform that allows for easy gaming using a normal keyboard and mouse setup while sitting on the sofa.

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