17 June, 2016

[100% Working] Ultimate Trick to Get Unlimited Friend Requests on Facebook within a week

Posted by Sahil Goyal
Facebook is the most popularly used social networking site having users more than the population of the USA and growing rapidly. And many of the users join Facebook in search of new friends and eliminate their boring time from. But people like me, who don't have much friends get bored easily but now i found a trick using which you can easily get 100+ requests daily or even you can send friend requests to thousands of people at once using their E-Mail addresses.

Unlimited Friend Requests within a week

Now anyone can have 5000 friends and so many followers into their Facebook profile within a week. I also shared Awesome FB tricks like inviting all friends to a page at once or adding them all to any group quickly and much more. I always tried to share something new and updated tricks to people . Read Also: Nokia 5 features

Today I'm sharing that, How to get unlimited friend requests on Facebook? There are hundreds of methods given on the web to get tons of friend requests, But some of them are not working and some are complex.

Don't worry It's a very simple trick , Actually it's not a trick it's a service given by mass-add-email.pp.ua . It's a very simple method, and you can't get blocked upon using this .

What you can do using mass-add-email.pp.ua ?

  • You can get email list for thousands of people, registered on Facebook 
  • You can add your Email in the list so people can send you request
  • You can delete you Email from the list if you no longer willing to receive requests or your list got full
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How to get Email list of Facebook Users ?

  • Open mass-add-email.pp.ua/generate_emails_list into your browser
  • You can apply filters (optional)
    • You can choose how much mail address you need in your list, it can be from 100-5000
    • you can generate shuffled or non-shuffled list
    • You can even generate list of only Men, Women or Both
    • You can get mail list of any specific country
  • Enter Captcha code given in the image 
  • Enter Generate Button
Note: If you don't choose any filters then the list would be of 5000 mail addresses, shuffled, having addresses of males and females from many countries.

How to Invite all people at once on FB ?

  • Login your Facebook account
  • Go to Find Friends
  • Click on Invite friends using E-mail
  • Paste their E-mail address that you copied from the mass-add-mail.pp.ua site
  • And click on Invite friends
Sending Requests or Inviting lots of people at once may lead the account ban so generating list for few people is suggested. Read Also: iPhone SE

How to add your E-mail into their data base ?

  • Open mass-add-email.pp.ua/add_to_list
  • Click on Add(Update) Email to list Button
  • Now choose your Gender
  • Select your Country
  • Enter your E-mail address registered on Facebook
  • Enter Captcha code given in image
  • Click on Add to mass list Button
Now you have done. Check your Friend requests daily and if you don't get sufficient requests in 2 days then again add your E-mail address to the Database. 

After this process you will get tons of requests but it will take time to accept all the requests one by one. I have a better solution for this, just use Javascript code to accept all the requests at once. Read Also: Shopping Online with Safety

How to delete your E-mail address from the Database

You must be little bit careful while accepting requests, Because Facebook can ask for image verification and there you will not be able to pass that security. Accept 20-25 requests at a time and add some after some time. This method will decrease the chances of security checkpoints that Facebook ask you for image verification.

I hope you enjoyed getting thousands of friend requests, tell me if there is any problem, i'm always here to help you people. You can add these friends to any groups or invide them for liking any page or joining any event.


  1. Dear Admin, Is there any other tool for target specific location in any country to add more friends quickly like this tool (because this tool targets only the countries not to target specific locations)..

    1. idk if there is any tool available in the market but facebook show suggestions on the basis of your hometown and living city too, so try to add the target place as your hometown or living city, i hope this might work :)

  2. visit for free facebook 5000 friends request in one day http://www.weptro.com/2016/09/how-to-get-5000-facebook-friends.html


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