20 September, 2016

11 things that were not possible without Android Nougat

Posted by Sahil Goyal
Nowadays Google is rolling out Android Nougat 7.0 into its Nexus devices and other manufacturers started doing modifications to release Android 7.0 Nougat in upcoming months for their Android powered devices. So whether you are taking advantage of Android 7.0 or waiting for its release, there are 11 features described here which were officially not possible before upgrading to Android Nougat.

android nougat features

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Many of us have Android devices and they have already given too many awesome features but here I have given 11 features that were not officially possible without Android Nougat. Let me know if your device running of lower versions like Android Marshmallow, Lollipop or Kitkat having support for any of these features described below

Run Multiple apps side by side in Android 7.0

You might split your Android Screen many times using Split View Multi Screen or any other app, but know this feature is launched officially for devices running on Android Nougat. Now using this feature you would be able to run any of 2 apps simultaneously on a single screen.
Large screen devices like tablets are too handy for this, but this works fine even on small screened Android devices.

android nougat features

Steps to Run Multiple apps side by side :
  • Tap on the Overview Button and open the Multitasking view
  • Hold the app title bar and drag it to the top or the left of your screen
  • Now pick another app
You can change the space given to both windows just by tapping and holding the black bar given in the center.

You can return to the single window mode by holding the Overview button or drag the black bar all the way to the top or towards right side of the screen 

Instantly Switching between apps

Multitasking is already been so simpler but another useful change is given in Android Nougat, where you can return to previous app just by tapping the Overview button two times and with another double tap you can return to the first app.

android nougat features

Firstly it doesn't look so useful, but switching between Music and Maps were never been so easier while driving.

Extra battery saving

If you ever used lower versions of Android and recently updated to Android Marshmallow, you might feel improved battery life of your Android. Its because of Doze, a feature given to Android Marshmallow using which it puts your device on lower power mode and limits the battery usage by all running apps when your device is flat and still.

android nougat features

To implement doze properly, all the apps were required to relaunch their improved version to limit the alerts and extending battery life. With the Android Nougat, Doze got improved now it works even when your Android bounces in your Bag or in a Pocket. 

You can also limit the doze feature by excluding apps from the Battery optimization

Steps to exclude apps from the Doze

  • Go to your Device settings
  • Navigate to battery options and tap on it
  • Tap on the menu button given at the top right corner (with three dots)
  • And choose battery optimization
  • Un-check the apps you want to remove
  • Now press done/save

See Device info at a glance

Main Settings window in Android nougat got improved and now you can see main information like current CPU consumption, Consumed  Memory and RAM and battery consumption stat just from the main settings page. This is another small yet useful upgrade, now you are not required to dive into meshy settings.

android nougat features

You can check details about Current volume level, battery level, connected wi-fi network just by swiping down the screen in the setting app. Suggestions are also given at the top which you might not be aware of. You can hide all these pretty easily.

Better Quick Settings Pane Customization

Quick Settings pane is one of the most useful features by Android since the starting and now it's well established part of Android Stock. Now in Android Nougat you can have more control over Quick Pane settings than ever.

android nougat features

Just use two finger for the quick pane drop down settings and tap on edit button. You can change the Tap and Delay timings for any icon and change positions of any icon and add or remove them from the drop down settings. The icon in the quick pane also shown at the top of the notification pane.

Emergency info direct on your lock screen

This features is given into iOS devices long time ago, and now it is included into Android Nougat devices too. The main idea behind this is, if someone picks your phone in an emergency, they know who to call even if they don't have access to your PIN.

android nougat features

How to set Emergency details
  • Go to System Settings
  • Navigate to Users menu
  • Ta on Emergency information
  • Fill the required details
  • You can set one or multiple contacts for Emergency info

The emergency info you just saved can easily be find out by someone just by tapping emergency under Lock screen PIN dialer.

Improved Data saving options

There are lots of options already available for data restrictions into Android devices running on lower Android versions, now with Android Nougat better data savings options are given in Data menu into System Settings.

android nougat features

It works similar as Doze do for Apps for power saving. You can set what apps will send and receive in background when your screen is turned off or set to data saving mode.

Hassle free smooth updates

android nougat features

This is the biggest change given into Android Nougat where Updates are automatically downloaded and installed in background. Google promised regular updates for Android 7.0 Nougat. Now you are not required to reboot your device while updating to another Android versions. This features is only available to latest Android Nougat devices, but According to Google using it older Nexus devices are also capable for faster update downloads.

Directly reply to notifications in Android Nougat

Before Android 7.0 there is option given to reply the message but you need to first tap on reply and then allowed to type message but in Android Nougat no additional ask for reply, you can directly reply to any message from notifications. Now reply now button wouldn't jump you into their apps.

android nougat features

To proper support for this feature, apps itself have this options installed. Google hangouts and SMS messenger app has already given support for this direct reply feature.

Many other emoji added 

android nougat features

Emoji adds extra value to your message, there are lots of other emoji added in the Android Nougat and now it reached more than 1500 in total. If you still stuck in the images, then its your fault. New added emoji include shark, bronze, silver and gold medals.

More control over Notifications in Android 7 Nougat

Notifications were never been of equal priority, some always stick to the top while others pushed to bottom, now your can change and prioritize the settings for the apps if you need to.

android nougat features

To set the priorities you first need to activate the hidden System UI tuner menu, for this tap and hold the Gear button given at the top of quick settings in the notification pane which was used to direct to System settings if not held for much time. The feature was also available in the Android Marshmallow , now it got improved and added power notification control options into Other menu.

By turning on the priority settings you can prioritize the notifications from 0 to 5, apps with priority 5 have permissions to access your whole screen, and with 0 priority even the notifications from that app are not allowed in the notification pane. The and hold the notification or change permissions from the app settings to set the priority. Choose A button rather let the apps choose their priority itself.

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15 September, 2016

15 things you probably didn't know about Google Chromecast

Posted by Sahil Goyal
Google playing a vital role in the modern internet and simplified the online life. Whatever you need a simple mail and cloud storage or Ad network or accurate Digital Maps, just go to Google, it has everything you need. And in last few years the Search Giant take over every Smart TV with its Google Chromecast, a streaming USB device.

google chromecast features

Google Chromecast maintained its position on the top of the Amazon's Best Selling List for the last 2 years until they removed all the streaming devices which don't support its native video streaming service. But now you can get Google Chromecast from the Google itself or you can order from Staples, Walmart, Target, Best Buy.

You can stream wirelessly direct from your Smartphone or PC and enjoy streaming GO, Hulu, Spotify, HBO, Netflix and much more for just $35 one time price for purchasing the Chromecast dongle. You can mirror your laptop or Smartphone screen into your Smart TV using Google Chromecast. The main reason behind its success is, its cheap price and its pure portability.

It got popularity when its first stock arrived in market in July 2013 and it's sales increased over the time. At Google I/O this year, Google said they already sold 25 millions Chromecast dongles.

Below I have given 15 tips and tricks that you probably didn't used with your Google Chromecast Dongle. check em'all.


google chromecast features - ethernet adapter

You can steam online videos on your Home TV using the Google Chromecast, but to avoid buffering while streaming you need to have strong wifi connection with around 30 MBPS or more download speed. You got that much speed? some other people are not lucky as you, so for those people they need an Ethernet Adapter to use with the Chromecast. You might confuse with Ethernet adapters as Power cords as they look very similar but the Plug end in Adapter includes an Ethernet port. Connect your Home Modem with that Ethernet Port and USB part with your Google Chromecast dongle. And attach your Chromecast with your Smart TV using HDMI cable.


google chromecast features - FREE OFFERS

As we all know Google Charge its users to watch movies available on Play Store, but Google regularly offers free movies and Videos to the users having Google Chromecast.

You can check their Offers for Chromecast Users page to check current running offers.


google chromecast features - DISPLAY PRESENTATION

Google allows its Google Slides users to share their presentations on their TV Screen through Chromecast. 

Steps to Share Presentations on the TV screen :
  1. Connect Your laptop/PC and TV on the same network
  2. Install Google Cast Extension into Chrome browser of your laptop/PC
  3. Now Go to the Presentation you want to share
  4. Click on Present Button
  5. And Click on Chromecast button given under drop down menu appeared after pressing Present Button


google chromecast features - PLAY GAMES DIRECT ON YOUR TV

Now you are not required to have Playstation  to play games on your TV, you can play many family kinda games using Chromecast on your TV. So download games into your Android/iOS device and use your phone as a controller while the game running on Television. There are hundreds of games for Chromecast are available on Google Play Store.


google chromecast features - SET CHROMECAST BACKGROUND

Google has given a large collection for Landscape Photography, landscape Art and Satellite images to set as a background for Chromecast. You can even choose from your own photos for Chromecast Background.

Steps to set Background image for Chromecast
  1. Go to Device Tab in Google Cast App
  2. If you have installed many Chromecast, then select the Chromecast you wants to customize from the given list
  3. Tab on the Hamburger Menu given at the right corner on the top of the screen
  4. Select backdrop settings
  5. Now you can select the option for import image like Google Photos, Flickr, Facebook Albums

Share Photos

google chromecast features - Share Photos

Got No Projector, Use Chromecast!!!
Google added support for Chromecast into Google Photos, so now you can share your images stored at Google photos directly on your TV screen.

Play Music on your TV

google chromecast features - Play Music on your TV

Google play music got support for Chromecast and now you could be able to play music stored in your Android or iOS device  into your TV.

Steps to Play music on TV
  • Just Open the Google Play Music Play
  • Tap on Cast icon
  • Choose the device from the list, that's it
If you want more music you can subscribe to their Music Service which costs you $9.99 per month. After this you would be able to play any music track available on the Play Store. Google currently providing 90 days free subscription with the new Chromecast device.

You can even subscribe to their Family Plan  for $14.9 per month which includes unlimited access to their music service, free Radio streaming service and YouTube Red (currently available only in US, Australia and New Zealand).

If your Tv speakers are don't have enough sound, you can buy their Chromecast Audio device fro just $35 which stream sound to the nearby Audio Devices through Wi-Fi.


google chromecast features - Spotify

A premium Spotify Subscriber can cast their tunes on their TV using Chromecast.

Steps to cast tunes on TV
  1. One Spotify
  2. Play any tune/track
  3. Select Available Devices
  4. Now select Chromecast from the list of Available devices

Share screen not Audio

google chromecast features - Share screen not Audio

If you need to watch something on your TV through Chromecast but dont wanna disturb others with the loud TV voice, then LocalCast App for Android is the best solution for you.

Using LocalCast app you would be able to play video on your TV screen, keeping audio in your Android/iOS Device, you can use Earphones/Headphones or play audio into device's default speakers.

Steps to share only Video not Audio
  1. Navigate to Now Playing Screen
  2. Tap on Route audio to the Phone
LocalCast is currently available in beta mode and While routing audio on device it may warn you about the buggy state of it.

Change quality of casting

google chromecast featuresgoogle chromecast features - Change quality of casting

You have choice to cast in any given quality, while casting from Chrome browser. You can choose from 480 px for slow networks, 720 PX and Extreme 729 PX for faster high bitrate networks.

Make sure you have Google Cast extension installed into your Browser. While casting click on Options button and then change the streaming quality as you need.

Collect Scattered Data and Watch on TV

google chromecast features - Collect Scattered Data and Watch on TV

The main problem with Chromecast is that it doesn't lets you play media stored into your local device or stored at cloud. But there is another app Media management app plex which lets you stream Movies, Music, Videos and Images through Chromecast.

With this app you can combine your scattered data into a single source and lets your play into your Smartphones, Tablets, laptops, PCand Mac systems.

Sign up for their Services and Download the app and start streaming your cloud data.

Android Mirroring

google chromecast features - Android Mirroring

If you have an Android Device running on Android 4.4.2 or above then you can mirror your Android's screen on your TV through Chromecast. It means whatever you see in your smartphone will also be seen into your TV upon mirroring.

Keep Updated with Apps

google chromecast features - keep updated with apps

Google keeps adding apps into your Chromecast to give your Chromecast several new abilities and great content. To find out about new apps and contents, visit Chromecast page for apps and tap on new.

YouTube Kids

google chromecast features - YouTube Kids

If you have YouTube kids at your home, then let them watch video without any restrictions. Youtube kids app allows age appropriate contents and videos from YouTube.

Allow guest to cast without sharing Password

google chromecast features - Allow guest to cast without sharing Password

Whether you have party guests or relatives coming to your home, Chromecast allows you to let them decide what to watch without sharing your wi-fi password. You can turn Chromecast into Guest mode by changing the device settings.

Now with Google's Cast ready app yours guest can cast into your device from within 25 feet distance from the Chromecast modem once this option appeared into their app setting.

You can cast manually by entering 4-digit PIN shown on the TV screen into app's settings.

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12 September, 2016

136 Stupid things to say to Siri | Apple's personal assistant

Posted by Sahil Goyal
Siri is one of the amazing features given into Apple devices. You can use is as your personal assistant to get things done easily without touching your Apple devices just by simple voice commands. Siri can helps you in sending texts, setting alarms, making calls and playing music. Siri is clever and charming, programmed to offer great services with one line commands along with good advice.

136 Stupid things to say to Siri

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Below I have given a list of funny things to ask to Siri and see what she respond to your queries. One things is clear that the developers had lots of fun while testing Siri with these queries. Siri got amazing responses for these awesome funny queries, looks like a ball full of energy trapped into a black metallic body.

136 Stupid things to say to Siri - is this siri looks like

Below you will find list of :

  • Basic Getting to know about Siri
  • Creepy Personal Queries
  • Digging Philosophical Questions

There are some Silly requests, funny things and Get Siri to curse on us are also listed. Keep asking these queries repeatedly and there's interesting thing happen. Close look at the response/ mood of Siri while answering repeated queries.

Silly questions to ask from Siri

  1. Who are You?
  2. What are You?
  3. Are you Human?
  4. How are You?
  5. Where are You?
  6. How's it going?
  7. Who is Siri?
  8. Who do you look like?
  9. What You are made of?
  10. What's new?
  11. What you are wearing?
  12. What does Siri means?
  13. Are you Alien?
  14. Are you Male or Female?
  15. Are you Gay or Shemale?
  16. Where are you from?
  17. How old you are?
  18. Do you need to play?
  19. What's your story?
  20. Did you ever evolved?
  21. Why? <--------------- Keep repeating this
  22. Why Not?  <--------------- Keep repeating this
  23. What do you eat?
  24. Where my keys got placed?
  25. Why fire trucks painted Red?
  26. What are your Interests? 
  27. Who is your favorite?
  28. Have you ever watched porn?
  29. What's your favorite website?
  30. What's best smartphone?
  31. What's best tablet?
  32. Can you lend me some money?
  33. What's your problem?
  34. Are you serious?
  35. Are you Kidding me?
  36. What's wrong with my network?
  37. Is there any method to hack you?
  38. Will you merry me?
  39. Tell me about the best computer in the world?
  40. Guest What? Fuck you?
  41. Who will merry me?

Personal Questions to ask about Siri

  1. Are You naked?
  2. Who are your Parents?
  3. Did you ever sex?
  4. What's your Secret?
  5. Are you married?
  6. What's the meaning of your life?
  7. Will you me my Valentine?
  8. Have you ever gone to dates?
  9. What you are doing here?
  10. Do you take drugs? From where I can get them?
  11. Did you Fart?
  12. Do i make you horny?
  13. Do you love me?
  14. Do you smoke?
  15. Do you drink?

Funny Nosy Questions to ask Siri

  1. Who lets the dog out ?
  2. Why chickens crossing the road
  3. Who's on first?
  4. Whats came first? hen or egg?
  5. Scooby, where are you?
  6. Have you traveled the world ?
  7. Do you know about HAL 1000 ?
  8. Where I can hide a dead body?
  9. Where do kids come from?
  10. Why it is said Menopause if it can't be resumed ?

Funny Things to Ask Siri about you

  1. What do you think about me?
  2. Am I Fat?
  3. What should I wear?
  4. What is my name?
  5. How long my dick is?

Deep Philosophical questions to ask Siri

  1. Do you believe in God?
  2. When will be the end of the world?
  3. Have you ever seen Cupids?
  4. What the meaning of life?
  5. Who will beneficial to universe?
  6. Where I can get some Aliens?
  7. What is Love?
  8. Do machines feel pain?
  9. Is Santa clause real?
  10. When did People fly?
  11. If you are robot, do you follow the three robotic rules?
  12. How can I become immortal?
  13. Do you have any expiry time?
  14. We are living a real life or fantasy?
  15. Do animals speak?

Confuse Siri with silly things and make some laugh

  1. Call me ****** ? (use any silly same and and enjoy what she respond to you with that name)
  2. You should go on a date
  3. You need to manage your diets
  4. Make me feel horny
  5. Click a photo
  6. Poop
  7. Set alarm for 12:00 pm and cancel it
  8. Take me to yout chief
  9. Show me what you got
  10. Open the P0d Bay doors
  11. Talk dirty to me
  12. Elaborate about yourself
  13. Talk to me
  14. Do to trash
  15. Shoe me your speed
  16. Repeat after me
  17. Sing me a song in louder voice
  18. Tell me a dirty joke (do it over and over)
  19. Disguise me
  20. Tell me Chacha Chodhri Jokes

Funny things to say to Siri

  1. I'm naked
  2. I'm feeling horny
  3. Knock , Knock !!!
  4. Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
  5. You are too hot
  6. Show me your face
  7. God bless you
  8. You may live long
  9. I'm in great need to take a dump
  10. Merry Christmas!
  11. Testing, Testing, Hello, hello 1,2,3
  12. I need one night stand
  13. Happy Birthday
  14. I love you
  15. Lol
  16. You are a shit
  17. Blah blah blah
  18. You suck
  19. Thank you
  20. You are so boring
  21. Ha ha ha ha
  22. I'm too tired
  23. I need a soft drink
  24. You are the best assistant
  25. I can't see you
  26. You are fake
  27. I'm going to kill myself
  28. You are wrong
  29. You are my girl friend
  30. You are my best friend

Get Siri to curse at you

You might know Siri recognize you with your name stored in your contacts app. So go to the contacts app and change your name to whatever you want, place few symbols instead of your name. Whenever you ask Siri about your name, she will pick that symbolic name like as: You are @&%#@!$%^&&**, aren't you? Its totally funny.

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10 September, 2016

Popular Payment options available while shopping Online

Posted by Sahil Goyal
Shopping is something which has always had an impact in our societies. Before the advancement of devices & equipment, human beings had to go, or I better say, travel to shops located even in faraway places. But as time passed by, & the rapid rise in the development & advancement of the gadgets used by us, everything around us changed.
Welcome to the era of the Online Shopping. Where the shoppers shop from anywhere in the world, on their PCs, laptops or phones. What happens in Online Shopping is that the buyer signs up or logs in to the sites or pages of different Online Shopping sites. Click Here and you can also shop on Target.com and Get Offers on Purchases.
Popular Payment options available while shopping Online

A numerous items or products are displayed on the screens of your device(s). The buyer chooses a particular product, views it through different angles (the company offers different angle views of the products) & then adds it to his or her cart.

Now the final process, payment! After filling up the address of delivery, the sites offer some few options for purchase of the product.

Here are the options of payment for Online Shopping

Credit & Debit Card
A very important method of payment. Not only online, but this type of payment is used frequently in the real world too. The main reason is, it is much safer, as it makes a straight deal between the merchant & the customer, under the supervision of the bank (of the customer). It’s very easier to carry as well & also is safe from thefts too.

 Internet Banking/e-Banking
Another method of payment which is again, under the supervision of the bank is the Internet Banking, also known as the e-Banking. In this option, the customer use the bank’s website to complete the transaction process.

Cash On Delivery
The most common method of payment by the shoppers or the customers, when shopping online. Admit it or not, there is always a trust issue between the customers & the online shopping website regarding the quality of products, also the question of a faster delivery exists. In this method of payment, the customer will be delivered with the ordered item, which he will have to pay at the time he receives the delivered item at his mentioned address (sometimes, the online shopping company charges with some other extra amount of money for the delivery). This is the main reason the cash on delivery is the most convenient way to make payments, according to the customers.

 EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment)
 The Equated Monthly Investment or the commonly known EMI, is yet another option that the online shopping websites offer to its customers. It’s more likely a loan that the company itself offers in case the buyer is unable to buy his desired product due to lack of money.
The company does gets a sum of interest in return from the buyer’s account directly because the company is the money-lender to the customer & at the time of lending the amount of money, the lender fixes an amount which is slightly more than the amount required for the purchase of the amount, because the money lender has the discretion of doing that.
The amount is divided into smaller amounts, which is to be transacted from the customer’s account every time on the fixed period of time, unless the loan is cleared.

No doubt, the new era of online shopping did a lot of help for the shoppers worldwide. As the time required to shop can be utilized elsewhere. This is indeed a boon for the present & hopefully, also for the next generations to come.

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08 September, 2016

8 easy ways to Boost the Performance of your Android Smartphones and Tablets

Posted by Sahil Goyal
Android devices have given so many features that are restricted in devices running on other platforms. But Android is considered as most threat phone and slower operating systems. So today I am sharing 10 ways using which you can boost performance of your Android and raise the operating speed.

8 easy ways to Boost the Performance of your Android Smartphones and Tablets

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Keep your Android up to date

Google after acquiring Android.Inc, released so many updates and upgrades of Android and so many bugs got already fixed in them and continuously fixing remaining. So in order to keep your Android working faster keep your Android device up to date. Upgrading or updating your device makes it work faster and error free.

8 easy ways to Boost the Performance of your Android Smartphones and Tablets - Keep your Android up to date

Steps to Update an Android device :

  1. Go to System Setting
  2. Navigate to 'Device Information' or 'About Phone'
  3. On the top of the list there would an option for Software Update, many manufacturars provide additional system app for System update, so if you didn't find it under System settings make sure if it is given externally
  4. Tap on it and your device will look up for updates if available
  5. Tap on Update if any update shown
Make sure you have an active internet connection otherwise your system would been able to search for updates. You can changes settings for System update from manually to automatic, so your system itself update without asking you. For better performance turn the settings form auto updates to manual.

Reset to Factory Settings

You might noticed that whenever you buy any Android device, it works very well in early days but after few days it starts hanging and apps got crashing regularly. This is due to the Junk files stored into your Android device when you share, download and edit any files. Sometime this garbage data consumes most of your device storage and starts lowering performance of your Android. Even some garbage files are hidden which can't be deleted manually. So either you require Deep cleaner or factory reset your device to make your Android as it was in early days. After resetting your device to factory setting you  may automatically feel the pace of your system.

8 easy ways to Boost the Performance of your Android Smartphones and Tablets - Reset to Factory Settings

Steps to Rest your Android to Factory Settings :
  1. Go to System Settings
  2. Now navigate to Backup and Reset
  3. And set the Reset option to Factory Reset
  4. You device may reboot many times whiles Resetting, wait until it's resetting and now configure your device as you done while you first bought this device
Some manufactures have given the Reset option under their System Update app, so you didn't find it under System Settings, then check it under System Update app. If you try to reset a jail-broken iOS device, it will take infinite time i.e. your can't reset a jail-broken iOS device without manually downloading the System package externally. So it might be possible in case of Rooted Android devices, if this happen try to un-root your Android or download Android System package manually. Read out guide to Root and Undo-Root in Android devices. You can use any deep Cleaner app to remove Garbage files from your Android device.

Remember resetting Android to factory settings will also affect in the Android version and the default version will be installed upon factory resetting/

Remove shortcuts from the Home Screen

Shortcuts on the Home Screen of your android makes your device work slower and even whenever you came out from any app to home screen, it would take more time if you have more items on your home screen. Especially widgets are little heavier than the shortcuts and they need to be updated continuously so they take more CPU time and consumes more power than usual and in result they decrease performance in any manner. So try to keep your Home screen clean and keep less number of pages if possible.

8 easy ways to Boost the Performance of your Android Smartphones and Tablets - Remove shortcuts from the Home Screen

Steps to remove Shortcuts and Widgets from Home Screen :
  1. Go to Home Screen
  2. Tap on any app shortcut you need to remove and keep your thumb until Remove option doesn't arrive
  3. Now move your pressed thumb towards the Remove option and drop the shortcut into trash bin
  4. Now repeat the same procedure with other shortcuts and Widgets
Removing all the shortcuts and widgets from the home screen will help you to faster loading of your Home screen while exiting from other apps.

Uninstall Unused applications

Android devices came up with so many builtin system apps and people install third party apps and games and forget to delete unused apps which results in consuming limited device storage and slow down your Android performance by consuming cache memory and CPU time. Some time apps are hidden, so you need to unhide them before uninstalling them.

Steps to Uninstall Apps from Android :
There are various ways to uninstall any app from Android, you can either uninstall using the Home Menu or from the System settings through App management option. Here We have given Steps to remove apps and duplicate files from Android, follow the link and remove unnecessary apps and free up your device storage.

Sometime removing an app doesn't delete its app data, so you need to remove the app data first from the App management menu under System Settings.

Steps to clear App data from Android :

  1. Go to System Settings
  2. Navigate to Apps Management
  3. Choose the App, of which you need to delete its app data and tap on that app
  4. Now there are options given to Clear Data, Clear Cache and Uninstall. 
  5. Clear the Data and Cache too
  6. Now you can directly uninstall that app from here or from Home Menu
All the app data of each and every external app is stored under the Android directory so you can also delete the app directly data from the File Manager. 

Turn off or Reduce Animation scale

The special effects given when any app is opened or transferring from one window to another in the Android device is known as Animation scale, using which we can change the windowed animation rate and patterns. But is also affects the performance the better will be Animation scale lesser will be performance. So to increase the system performance we suggest your to turn off the extra animation features, it doesn't effect on the working of any apps or on system rather it boost the performance of Android device.

Steps to Turn off or Reduce Animation Scale :
  1. Open System Settings
  2. Navigate to Developer Options
  3. Scroll down and navigate to Drawing Category
  4. Select Window Animation Scale and tap on it and select Disable Animation
  5. Follow the 4th step for Transition Animation Scale and Animator Duration Scale
Steps to Enable Developer options :
Developers options are not automatically enabled into Android devices we need to manually enable it. If you didn't find developers options under System Settings then you need to enable developers options.
  1. Go to System Settings
  2. Navigate to About Phone or Device Information
  3. Tap multiple times on Kernal Version or Build Number until you got toast message of enabling developers options
  4. And now get back to System Settings and you'll find Developers option above the About Phone Menu

Turn Off Auto-Synchronization

Synchronization is a feature which updates the accounts associated with our Android device after connecting with Internet. Auto synchronization automatically continuously updates our mail accounts, so it takes lots of CPU time and Cache storage. If you doesn't have any active mail accounts attached to your Android then turn this Synchronization feature off.

8 easy ways to Boost the Performance of your Android Smartphones and Tablets - Turn Off Auto-Synchronization

Steps to Turn Off Auto-Synchronization :
Some devices has given this option under their Notification Screen if you device doesn't have Synchronization option on your Notification screen then follow the steps :

  1. So to System Settings
  2. And Navigate to Accounts Management
  3. Now tap on the  three dots menu symbol
  4. There would be option for Auto Sync data, turn it off by removing tick mark from it

Remove System Cached data from Buffer

In the 2nd section I have given a way to remove apps data and free cache memory consumed by external apps, but System apps also takes cache memory and buffer space for builtin apps which can't be free up from simple normal mode. For this we requires to enter into Secret Mode.

Steps to Enter into Secret Mode :
  1. Press the down Volume Button and Home Button together, if there is no physical home button then press Lock Button and Down Volume Button
  2. Keep them pressed until logo of your Android doesn't appears
  3. Now release those buttons and waiting for booting
  4. Now you have entered into secret mode, Now select wipe cache partition to completely free the cache buffer.
  5. Now shut down your device and start in a normal way

Steps to Control menu in the Secret Mode :
In the secret mode touch doesn't work to control menu options, you need to press the hardware button as following:

  • Down Volume Button to Go down in the Menu, if you need to go up then you have to go the last and then start from the first option. You can't go directly upwards
  • Press the Upper Volume Button If you need to select and enter into any Menu Option
  • To Shut Down your device from the secret mode you need to navigate to Shutdown option given in the main menu and then press the Upper volume button

Try Alternate light Launcher apps

Sometimes default Touch Wiz launcher start troubling and cause hanging problems, but the Android allows the default launchers to be changed with external launcher apps. External launchers offers great features including faster loading of files and data into buffer if properly developed. You can try Nova Launcher, AY launcher or any other light launcher app.

8 easy ways to Boost the Performance of your Android Smartphones and Tablets - Try Alternate light Launcher apps

Steps to install external launcher app :
  1. Open the Play Store app
  2. Search for any launcher app
  3. Tap on Install
  4. Press the home button and select the installed launcher as default launcher

There are lots of other ways that slightly impact on the performance, but the above methods are sufficient to raise your Android's processing speed, hope you liked the article, don't forget to comment and share.

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06 September, 2016

Generate bar code for Reliance Jio preview offer on any Android

Posted by Sahil Goyal
Reliance Jio recently launched their 4G services in India, first they were offering this service only to their employs and then bundled into their LYF devices for public, but later on they opened ‘free preview offer’  for other devices too. Reliance Jio is now offering free unlimited calling and 4G data till the end of 2016. But people having Android devices other than Samsung are facing issues while getting bar code for Reliance Jio promotional offer. So here step by step tutorial is given for generating bar code on any Android Smartphone not only LYF or Samsung devices.

Generate bar code for Reliance Jio preview offer on any Android

So here’s the method to get ‘Get Jio SIM’ option on the My Jioapp:
  1. First of all you need to uninstall all the apps, which you previously installed to get the code including My Jio app
  2. Now download the My Jio app again
  3. Tap on Install All to install all the 10 apps at once
  4. Now after successful installation of all the apps, turn off your mobile data/Wi-fi
  5. Now open My Jio app once again and tap on Open button next to My Jio
  6. It will show “No Internet Connection” Message, avoid this and login screen appears and then Get Jio SIM button will appear.
  7. Tap on Get Jio SIM button
  8. Again “No internet Connection message will be shown, now turn on your data connection/wi-fi
  9. Now again tap on Get Jio SIM button, now you will be redirected to preview offer screen
  10. Now you would be able to generate the bar code required to get the Jio preview offer

There is another method for getting the Get Jio SIM button, for this you need to follow these steps:
  1. Download all the apps listed under My Jio app
  2. Reboot your Android  Smartphone
  3. Wait for 5-10 minutes after rebooting
  4. Now open My Jio app
  5. Now you would be able to get “Get Jio SIM” Button

The guys at Reliance store may ask you for your Device details. This method works even for devices having no 4G support, so you can try this method for 3G Android devices. Actually there is a bug in My Jio app due to which all this happening, I hope they fix this in their later updates but for now thy these above steps and enjoy free 4G preview offer by Reliance Jio. And contribute in making Digital India.
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03 September, 2016

9 Totally Free things on Internet You should take Advantage of

Posted by Sahil Goyal
You might be unaware about the power of internet, you can get almost everything here which you thinking of, you can virtually go to your favorite places around the world or even in the universe, you can watch thousands of free movies and documentaries and much more. So today I have posted about 10 totally free things available on the Internet, that you should take advantage of and they will play vital role and very helpful for saving your money. So its time to put your wallet away and advantage the unlimited power of Internet.

9 Totally Free things on Internet
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One of the bigest advantage of Internet is that we can get information at no time by spending  less or nothing. We all know about free Google mail (Gmail), free reference engines (Google, Bing), Q&A sites (Quora, Stack Overflow) and free unlimited Videos (YouTube, DailyMotion ) and there countless other things that Internet provides for Free. You might be already using few things given in the list below, but don't spoil the interest. So let's start with the first thing:

Free E-books and Audio & Video lectures

You might borrowed physical books from Libraries several times in your childhood days, but think upon it, if you got Smartphone or PC then you never had to borrow these heavy physical books. There are lots of websites sitting on the Internet provides you a large college of legit E-Books from authorized authors. Gutenberg provides you tons of public domain books, which can be read online or downloaded in any suitable format. Your local library has limited book sets, so you can't get everything there, but on Gutenberg you will find E-books from prior to 1920 classics to Modern world books.

9 Totally Free things on Internet

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You might be aware to Podcasts available into almost every popular sites, but there are thousands of Audio-books as well on your finger tips. Gutenberg has few audio-books on there site, but you can find any Audio-book at LibreVox for free. There are hundreds of Volunteer at LibreVox, to narrate so it may be a mixed bag, but the quality of Audio-books is solid.

Free College Courses

If you somehow didn't managed to complete the College, you can still fill your brain with the College-Level knowledge online. Many universities and schools like MIT, Yale, Harvard etc. are offering lots of course materials with Video lectures and text notes for free. And the best part is, neither you have to pay or you don't have to go anywhere to learn those courses. Some sites like Coursera, Academic Earth partner with many universities provide full resources for any course.

9 Totally Free things on Internet

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Free Coupons

There are lots of sites and blogs offering free coupons for many popular sites. So a simple google search before buying anything from Internet can save much of your money. Just search about the product you are going to buy and append "discounts", "Coupons" into your query. It might be a Facebook post or blogs or may be sites like RetailMeNot, CouponSherpa. Even there are some sites, there you can compare price of your product given at several E-commerce sites. For next level buyers check PriceZombie.

9 Totally Free things on Internet

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A free Butler

There are plenty of ways to use Internet as free butler. Tools offered by IFTTT (IF This Then That) can be used in many ways and save most of your time. These tools don't have any limit, their use is up to you. You can connect your social accounts, email accounts and other productivity accounts to these tools. You can create recipes (scripts) using which you can automate your work and save your time. If you are huge twitter nerd, then you can make recipes, using which all of your tweets automatically added to a spreadsheet. There are also recipes available using which all your photos automatically uploaded to Google Drive.

Learn Foreign Languages

.You can't learn any foreign languages simply by speaking with others, or it would take many years. Give a shoot to free services available on the web. Duolingo is one of the popular sites used to learn foreign languages for free. It will help you learning any foreign language or polishing any languages you didn't used after school. You can make good foundation using these sites and then watching news videos and movies will further sharpen your skill for that language.

9 Totally Free things on Internet

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Free Unlimited Music, Videos & Movies

There are lots of apps available for your Smartphones and Sites for your PC, where you can listen any of your favorite song. Few popular apps and sites are Spotify, Ganna, Saavan etc. Archive.org hosts millions of music tracks in the public domain. Archive.org also offers great range for Videos and Movies including Classic collection. You can find lots of great free on YouTube.

9 Totally Free things on Internet

Free Productivity Tools

However there are few services are paid like tools by Adobe but there are many open source software like Gimp which does that same thing for free. Gimp is an open source tools which can be used to edit into any Pic just like Adobe Photoshop does. There are various other open source tools available for Mac and Windows platform for free. LibreOffice and OpenOffice are great free alternative to Windows Office.

Tax Calculators and Managers

You might don't want to pay extra money for filling your taxes. Some websites on Internet like IRS , offers various free Tax tools. You your income is under $62,000 then you are eligible to use every tools on IRS for free, even if your income is more you can still have access to File Fillable tools for free.

Free Storage on Cloud Servers

Big companies like Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive offers free cloud storage to put your important files on their cloud storage for free soo that you can access them from anywhere. Dropbox offers 2 GB free storage, Google Drive offers 15 GB storage and One drive also offers 15 GB free storage for each account. Some other sites like Box and Copy also offers free storage of 15 GB. You can get additional storage on Dropbox just by completing few given steps like attaching iPhone to your Dropbox account or downloading their app etc.

9 Totally Free things on Internet

So these were 9 totally free things on the Internet. Hope you are taking advantage of these free stuff and saving your money. There are tons of other free things on Internet, but we will discuss them later. Don't forget to comment and share, thanks.

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