27 August, 2016

download Xender File sharing app for Android, iOS, Windows PC and Mac system

Posted by Sahil Goyal
Xender is one of those file sharing apps freely available on the Play store and several other app stores. It already got huge hits and installed into millions of devices working on different platforms. It has gained pretty good reputation due to its quality features, lacking into several other apps. You can share almost any kind of file between devices working on same or different platforms.

download Xender File sharing app for Android, iOS, Windows PC and Mac system

In this internet world, technology is evolving with the lightening speed and things are getting easier and sophisticated. In past the only way to sharing files are either through Bluetooth while sending through mobile-to-mobile and through wired connection between system-mobile. But transferring files through Bluetooth was a lazy task and you need to wait for a long time while sharing files having sizes in MB, and for sharing between System-mobile you need to have a USB cable for connection between your System and your mobile.

But recently after launch of Android platform, things got better and new transmission medium discovered. Several apps were launched that operate on device's wi-fi feature and allow you to share data at faster rate than Bluetooth. There are so many Apps like ShareIt, Xender, Flash Transfer apps etc.
But ShareIt and Xender are most widely used and they offer data sharing at very high rate similar to of USB cable. I had already posted an articel about Shareit file transfer app, so today i wrote an articel for Xender-File sharing app

download Xender File sharing app for Android, iOS, Windows PC and Mac system

Why Xender app is better than others ?

While using Xender you will find many features, that were lacking in apps used for sharing. You will find almost every feature in Xender that should be in perfect sharing app, Xender is different than other sharing apps due to following capabilities:

  • You can share almost each and every type of files through Xender app
  • No internet connectivity required
  • Transfer rates are over hundred times better than sharing through Bluetooth and 5 times better than other sister sharing apps
  • Developed for almost every popular mobile and Computer platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and Mac
  • you can share to devices working on different platform
  • hundreds of millions of files got transfers daily
  • In built support to play Videos and Music within Xender app

Features of Xender-File Sharing App

There are lots of unique features given to Xender app, that made it universally popular app some of them are followings: 

  • Share files with lightening speed :  
Images, Audio, Video and almost every kind of file can be transferred through Xender app with the super fast speed, this highest recorded transfer rate is 10 MB per second, you can't gain this rate even using a physical data cable. 

  •  No Restrictions :
You are free to send any type of file of any size, you are not restricted to share limited size files, you can even share directory or set of directories within a while. 

  •  No Physical Connection Required :
 Xender app is available for  Windows PC and Mac Systems, so you can share files between your Android/iOS and your Mac/Windows systems through wi-fi direct in wireless medium.

  •  Got enough space then why don't sharing HD movies 
Using Xender you can easily send file having sizes in Gigabytes, you are all set free.

  • Access to built in file manager 
Xender app has given builtin File Manager into it, so you can easily select files through it for sharing. You can also view, select, delete and even backup your device files any time.

  • One tap new app installations 
Xender has given an option to know about the apps that have been installed into the device on the other side but not yours  and you can  easily receive those app just by single tap permission, you can even update apps if your friends got the latest or upgraded version of any app.

  •  Sharing on Cross Platforms 
 You can share files to any type of device all you just need is Xender app should be installed in both of the devices and both should have support for wi-fi direct.

  •  Smart replication feature 
You can easily switch your mobile data like images, contacts, videos and other files from your old device to new one

  • User friendly Design
 Proper user friendly interface is given to Xender app so a civil man can use this app easily :p

  • Share by sliding
You can share Photos simply by sliding your images on your device screen

  • Available for Multiple languages
 This feature hardly available into any other sharing app, Multiple language support is given in Xender app so people can share files into their native languages which they easily can understand.
These languages are  English, Indonesian,Portuguese, Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Thai, Turkish, Hindi, Russian, German, Polish,  Arabic, Bengali, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Greek, Hungarian.

Xender app for Android

As i told before Xender app is available for almost every popular platform, your can download Xender for Android either from Google Play Store or any other app stores like Apptoid, Apk4fun or GetJar etc. You can also download it from their official site Xender.com, Make sure you have enabled downloading from the unknown sources while installing app manually.

Xender app for iPhone/iOS/iPad

Apple users are restricted to download apps only from Apple App store unless you have a jail-broken Apple device. So to download Xender for iPhone you have to download it from your App Store.

Xender for Windows PC/Smartphone 

You can download Xender app for your Windows Smartphone devices from their official app or Microsoft app store. You can also install Xender apk using Bluestacks or any other android emulator in your Windows PC or simply download PC version for  Xender app.

Xender app for Mac System

You need to visit your App store or download from their official site to install Xender app into your Mac system.

In the last I would like to say there are so many popular sharing apps that supports cross platforms and share with lightening speed and Xender is nearly top of them, so if you need an alternative to your sharing app then i suggest you to try Xender app at least once.
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26 August, 2016

How to find and remove duplicate files on your Android device

Posted by Sahil Goyal
Storage was considered as the critical problem when technology didn't evolve like as it now, but as time passed the problem got sorted and new devices having storage space of 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and more, were launched. Nowadays Mobile devices come up with builtin storage up to 128 GB and a slot to attach external memory with support up to 64 GB micro card.

How to find and remove duplicate files from your Android device

There are lots of pre-installed applications come up with the Android devices and people download other apps working similar to some of the default apps. And when people got super fast internet then users like me download many apps and games blindly even if they are not useful for me in any case. They don't think of uninstalling those unused apps to free up their consumed memory. So later on low storage space become an issue for those people.

Storage issue also occurs due to poor management of data placed in your device, people kept thousands of photos, videos and apk files and even while sharing photos and videos on the social sites like Facebook, Twitter or sending through social apps like Whatsapp, Hike, Instagram these file got saved to your device also, resulting in so many duplicate files consuming your space and made your device, out of free space.

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How files got duplicated in your Android device ?

There are several possible reasons behind the duplication of your files, some of them are following:
  • Whenever data is backed up into your Android device, then the files got copied and compressed using any suitable algorithm and store in the memory, this might not be any trouble unless your backed up data don't consume much of your storage space. If your backed up many duplicate data files then they also got duplicated into backed data.
  • Consider you are creating backup for your contacts and media files on your device and now some days ago you lost some of your contacts and some media files and now you need to restore them from the backup you made, but its hard to remember what contacts and files your lost so you totally recovered your data but some of the data is already present on your system i.e. after you recovered your backup, it resulted in many of the files and contacts got duplicated and consuming your precious storage space.
  • While sharing images, video and audio files on social sites and apps or while editing into the data, the shared copy and editing files also stored on your devices resulting in multiple copies of those data files.
  • Sometime while receiving folders having multiple data inside it might got failed and then you need to retry receiving, so it results in duplication of data files that already been sent to your device before failure.
  • Cached images and files also duplicate available data in your device.
  • downloading same content again and again results in duplication.

Problem caused by duplicate files and data in your Device

If the duplicate files and data are very small then it might not be a trouble, but it will sooner or later cause a great trouble if you don't take proper action regarding it. The only problem caused by duplicate files is that it consumes your limited storage but its side effects are more and worse and beyond your thoughts like if your have large data set got duplicated then it block you storing new important data and files. And sometime when we want to receive new data in our device and our device got out of storage then in hurry important files and documents may got deleted and the duplicates still may remain into the system.

You might have noticed when our device's internal storage got completed filled by these duplicated files or original ones then it's performance got slowed down and it starts getting hang and it might got slowed down to such extent that even opening any app or going back to home may take a while.

Searching time of any device depends on the technique used for searching and the number of files from which the data have to be searched, so when you got large duplicated data sets then your searching time also raised and making your device more slower than before.

If we have proper system installed in our device for revoking files being duplicated and we manually delete these duplicated files time to time from our system then we never run out of space and we will always been able to receive new data into our system if it is important or not, at least we are not duplicating the data.

Advantages of removing duplicate contents from your Android 

Deleting duplicate files and data leads you free space for new data and other files into your Android and it has some other advantages given below:
  • Upgrade system performance
  • Reduced time for backups and recovery
  • Faster searching
  • Organized files libraries

Methods for Removing Duplicates files from your Android

There are two ways to remove duplication from your Device storage, either you can install some apps and they will delete the duplicate files or you can manually remove duplicate files. Follow the steps given below :

Removing Duplicate Files automatically through Apps

There are tons of apps available on the Google's Play Store like Search Duplicate FileDuplicate Media RemoverDuplicate File Finder-Remover etc. that has features given to search and remove duplicate files and keep your Android free for storage. You can visit this link to see best 100 duplicate file removers.

These files removers lookout for files with approximately similar name, similar size and matching meta information and then remove those duplicate files by keeping one copy for each so that the original file doesn't got deleted by mistake. Some of these apps ask before removing files and display list of duplicated files they have selected so that you can watch them and take the appropriate action, although you can prevent files from getting deleted if you found any of files added to the list by mistake.

These are will help you removing some of your duplicate files but they don't have enough capability to catch all the duplicate files, so you have to manually check for those files and remove by yourself.

Removing Duplicate Files manually through PC/Laptop/Desktop : 

For this method you need a computer system, you can do it only through your mobile but it will fell into a time consuming complex scenario, if you have enough free time then you can do it only through your mobile.

For this method connect your device to your computer system and create some directories in your Android device in a hierarchical manner and start from the first direct in your Android device and move them to newly created directories accordingly, by using this method you may find some data files that haven't used recently and you haven't planned of using in near future.

In the last I just want to say that keeping our mobiles free from these duplicate files is a good habit and we must need to regularly perform these above defined steps to keep our mobile storage free for new files and data.

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Pokemon Go Inidvidual Value-IV stats | Get the best Pokemon to evolve into Strongest one

Posted by Sahil Goyal
Evolving any Pokemon in the Pokemon GO is the one of the toughest and time consuming task. It takes much time for the most of the Pokemon, except some which can be evolved using few candies. The easiest way to get candies is to hunt for the same Pokemon again and again. Once you gained enough candies, you are ready to evolve your Pokemon. But here another trouble arises, having some many Pokemon might be troublesome is same cases, especially while deciding for the Pokemon to evolve. You are free to choose any of your Pokemon if you doesn't fight on your own and helping others to gain over gyms, but is matters a lot if you're like Ash and love to accept challenges any time, then you need superior Pokemon to win against the rival Pokemon. You need to figure out the proper and best suited Pokemon to evolve which lasts till the end in the battle. The one you choose should have great Defense skills as well as Stamina and Attacking skills too, there's a proper formula behind choosing the right Pokemon to evolve and that's all you need to calculate your Pokemon using that formula.

Pokemon Go Inidvidual Value-IV  stats

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I'm taking Rattata as an example to explain things better and for the sake of this guide. It's a common Pokemon and can be evolved using very few Rattata candies. It only takes 25 candies, that can be found in a single trip to any grocery store or super market.

Combat Power

Every Pokemon requires Stardust and Candies to grow and evolve into more powerful Pokemon and Whenever you got any Pokemon with higher CP i.e. that Pokemon has already enough power and you doesn't requires to invest your Candies and Stardust on already powered Pokemon. An arc appearing over Pokemon details the CP (Combat Power) of it, more the Arc filled the better your Pokemon is.

The CP of your Pokemon also depends on your level i.e. Player/Trainers level, if you are a newbie then you can't evolve your Pokemon to higher level and when your Pokemon reached its certain limits for your level then it can't be further evolved and you need to raise your level first so that you can evolve your Pokemon further.

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Health Power

HP (Health Power) of your Pokemon describes the defensive power i.e. how much powerful damage it can hold. And this power can also be increased by evolving your Pokemon to further levels. It's minimum and maximum evolving limits also dependent on the Trainer's/Player's level.

Consider Evolving, before Powering up

Powering up any Pokemon raises its strengths to some percentiles of its current strengths, but for a limited time. So its better to evolve your Pokemon first so that the power gained while powering up will be more than before. Its better to hold any power ups packs before the evolution of Pokemon.

Two Pokemon are rarely equal

Every Pokemon have different HP and CP, even when you have many Pokemon of same type like you have 5 Rattatas, but it doesn't mean they all have same combinations for Hp and CP. So if you don't know what IV stats and evolving any Rattata, then you might accidentally evolve Rattata with lower HP and CP because you doesn't know about IV stats in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go IV (Individual Value) stats

IV stats gives you information about the Attack, Defense and Stamina stats of any Pokemon. So using it you would be able to find Pokemon with higher stats and then it would be easier for you to pick the higher powered Pokemon to evolve into more powerful one.

HP and CP looks like only values to a normal player but the geek knows how to use each terms and values to advantage into the gameplay. Below HP and CP of 6 different Rattatas are given:

Rattata 1          106(CP)          26(HP)
Rattata 2           53(CP)          17(HP)
Rattata 3           50(CP)          15(HP)
Rattata 4           23(CP)          12(HP)
Rattata 5           21(CP)          10(HP)
Rattata 6           20(CP)          10(HP)

Looking out the stats you can easily determine, evolving which Rattata will give you better powerful Pokemon, so using IV stats a nerd can easily pick the best suited Pokemon to evolve.

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How to get IV calculator ?

To calculate the Iv of each Pokemon you have, you simply need an IV calculator which you can easily be found at Pokemon GO IV calculator. Iv calculator is easy to use and you need to know the following things before using the calculator :

  • Complete Name of your Pokemon
  • Your Trainer level
  • Current Arc position of that Pokemon
  • Current CP and HP of your Pokemon

Just put those entries in the Calculator and collect the ratings from there

Pick the right Pokemon analyzing IV stats

Using the Pokemon Go IV calculator, you would easily be able to get HP/CP graph of each and every Pokemon you got or you wish to evolve. And you need to choose the right one who has better Attack, Defense and Stamina skills than others. You need that to be 100 percent but it's possible only if you are luckiest person in the world, i wish if you be able to get that but its not true in general cases, you have to choose the Pokemon which has HP and CP closer to 100 percent.

Stats for Rattata 1

Stats for Rattata 4

Its pretty good Pokemon and the wisest choice to evolve this Pokemon, its HP already got to 100 percent and other powers are too more than 50 percent.

Rattata 1 106 7.5 86-122 26 21-27
Rattata 2 53 4.5 49-691716-20
Rattata 350443-601515-19
Rattata 423218-251210-12
Rattata 521218-251010-12
Rattata 620218-251010-12

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Pokemon Evolved IV stats

After evolution of these Rattats we got new updated and improved IB stats for Raticate (Improved version of Rattata) and these are given in the below screenshots :

In the lasts I just wanna say its better to get un-evolved yet powerful Pokemon rather hunting for Evolved but lower skilled Pokemon. You might be lucky if you got higher IV powerful evolved Pokemon. If you wish to power up a particular Pokemon then look for its un-evolved version and try to find some other Pokemon similar to your desired Pokemon to compare their IV stats and choose the right one to evolve it.
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23 August, 2016

Dragon Mania | Leveling-Up Dragons and Battle Strategy Guide

Posted by Sahil Goyal
Dragon Mania and Dragon City have quite similar game-play elements but they both have unique battle mechanics. Once you understand how combat works then you would find it extremely addicting while fighting through Fire-breathing creatures. A slider given at vertical bar that rapidly moves towards up and down. You need to wait for specific moment to hit the paw button for maximum damage the creatures at rival side. The battle option added some extra spice to the game-play.

guide to level up dragons and battle strategies in Dragon Mania

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Dragon Mania features tons of breeding combinations and each combination offers any powerful dragon. Winning battles into Dragon mania is not everyone's cup of tea. In order to understand the game-play and to win the battle you are required to be a regular player who create and power up the creatures by raising their levels and regularly keep upgrading buildings. Here few tips are given that will help you understanding the game-play and help you nurturing your dragon base.

Level up your Dragons

The best chances of winning any fight is when your Dragons are more powerful than rival's. The best way for upgrading your dragons is to feed them regularly with the food they like, including Leafy Greens, Dragon Root, Cerulean palms.

guide to level up dragons in Dragon Mania

Build more farms as you can provided you the enough space for them and at least two, one for Dragon Roots and another for Cerulean palms and Leafy greens. This will help in faster food collection and better & faster feeding to your Dragons. You can purchase the farm space using Gold or Gems.

Battle Strategies

To rescue Hogwin- The Great from the evil the Dragon Master and to prove your might, you can fight your dragons with rival dragons. To start any battle, tap on the Treasure Chest button and pick at most 3 dragons of your choice, you can hire mercenaries which help your providing extra creatures. Hit the Check mark button when you are ready, to start the battle. Some tips are given as following :

guide to battle strategies in Dragon Mania
  • Always try to pick higher level Dragons while confronted to strong enemy, lower level dragons can be beaten easily by the stronger opponent.
  • Don't pick Dragons of similar type in your team, You don't know to what type of dragons you are confronting with, so better to have mixed pack.
  • Wait for the perfect moment and tap on Green Area for a critical damage to your rival dragon, don't hurry while hitting the green area wait for perfect shot.
  • You can switch to any Dragons while battle, just tap on the Creature portrait and bring the dragon to the battle field, remember whenever you switch between dragons then opponent got chance to attack on you first.
  • Make sure you choose perfect dragon according to rival type, every dragons has some weaknesses, resistance and immune. Any dragon belongs to ground type will be weaker if battled with Wind, Water or energy type Dragon, but immune to similar kind of enemies i.e. of ground type. So its better to know about the immunity and weaknesses of the rival dragons before fighting or in between fighting, you can get complete details using the encyclopedia option, just tap on the magnifying glass given in the Treasure chest menu at bottom right corner and scroll it. Better to take Pen and paper along with you to note down the name, immune and weaknesses of the rival dragons.
guide to battle strategies in Dragon Mania

Upgrading the Habitats

Sometime we can't place much habitats due to limited space we have, but there is an option given to upgrade your habitats that are already places in the park, tap on the habit you want to upgrade and tap on Upgrade button, remember upgrading takes time and gold, so if don't have coins either you need to use your Gems or wait until enough gold collected required for upgrading. Upgrading increase the size to keep more dragons in Habitats, regularly upgrade your habitats to save more space and keep more dragons. 

guide to upgrading Habitats in Dragon Mania

Connect and earn Gems and Gold bonus

  • When you connect your Dragon Mania account to your Facebook account, you will get reward bonus of 50 gems. This offer might be for limited time so make sure you have collected the reward gems
  • You might got bonus gold when you win battle without losing any dragon from your team. But if you loose one Dragon then you still might have some chances to get Red Trinkets. Winning battles also reward you some food and 2000+ gold
  • There are some tasks given and you'll get rewarded upon completion of each reward, like 5 gems for visiting Dragon park of Ned for the very first time. To collect your free trinkets check your messages.
  • You might get some reward for visiting Dragon base of your Facebook friends but you need to be connected to your Facebook account to complete these achievements and offers. You can feed their dragons and few other simple tasks to get bonus, you need to wait for next day to do the same task once you complete all the simple tasks.
  • Stay connected to the game and keep your eyes on the daily rewards to get more food and gems, this could only be possible if you are a regular player of Dragon mania
  • To get some extra free coins complete the given quests. To get the list of quotes open the envelope given at the bottom left corner. Blue stars help in leveling up your Dragon and also award your some bonus coins.
connect to facebook and earn rewards in Dragon Mania

Extract Encyclopedia and get perfect breeding combination

The game the lots of Dragons so you need to choose the breeding combination very carefully to make a new more powerful fire-breathing monster dragon. Search over the encyclopedia, you'll require a breeding den to make a totally new and powerful dragon, which you can get from Building menu. Tap on Breed button and select any two dragons to make another new dragon.

guide to breeding combinations in Dragon Mania

Tap on magnifying glass at treasure chest and get a complete list of possible combinations, you can filter the list through elemental affinity. Make sure you have choose two powerful dragons with superior immune and less weaknesses to breed a more powerful and better monster dragon.

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22 August, 2016

Download Yellow Battery app for Android and save your battery up to 50%

Posted by Sahil Goyal
Yellow Battery is an amazing app  for Android devices developed by leading world class app development team. It continuously monitors your device and so that your device can optimize your battery power and it will results in saving up to 50 percent extra battery power and capable your device to work longer. It requires Android version 4.1 or above to work on.

Download Yellow Battery app for Android

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There are lots of Android apps launched daily, and only few of them concerns about the battery drainage and make use of proper battery but many of them are roughly designed with the only goal of performance, so they drain more battery and result in more battery consumption and that also affect on battery life of your device. Yellow battery app is the best solution for these apps. Yellow Battery app enables you to view battery usage in real time, showing which app using how much battery power and also allows you to manage these apps. Managing battery life before this app was never been so easier, seems a way for extending life of your device's battery is in your hand  .You can enjoy these following key highlights of this app.

Features of Yellow Battery app for Android

There are lots of amazing features and battery power managing features given into this app and some of them are following:

1. Yellow Battery App Main Page

At the home of this app, it provides you the accurate estimation about the standby time of your device on the basis of current battery consumption rate and considering several other factors. It helps you managing the current remaining battery and also gives an estimation for ways to use remaining battery power. Using some advanced algorithms is shows correct battery usage by several tasks of your system.

Yellow Battery App Main Page

2. Set modes to save battery

Yellow Battery app provides you a feature using which you can easily set modes and switch between different mode with a single tap. Setting up modes allows you to choose whether any feature of device has to set ON or OFF, it might take some time while setting up the mode but after then you can switch them easily without wasting any time. This feature would be very helpful while your device running out of power and you need any emergency battery.

 Set modes in Yellow Battery app to save battery

3. Superior Optimization techniques

Algorithms used for battery optimizations are more superior and effective than the one tap optimization techniques and their effect last longer. This mode is very helpful when your device is running at few battery power.

4. Accurate Battery usage details

Yellow Battery app monitors the apps consuming the battery power and results the usage report by rankings. You can monitor the apps consuming more battery than others over the time and kill the unnecessary apps running in background consuming extra battery, so using this feature you can save many of your battery, here you can use modes to kill unwanted apps and switch to the only required apps.

Accurate Battery usage details using Yellow Battery app for Android

5. Required information about your battery

Yellow Battery app collects all the information related to your battery like technology used, maximum capacity etc.and list all the collected data on a single page so you can overview it and take appropriate action and set modes according to it.

Free Download Yellow battery app for Android 

Yellow battery app in freely available on the Google's play store and other app stores, you can download from any of the place, make sure you have allowed installing from unknown sources while installing Yellow battery app from unknown sources.

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6 Whatsapp Messenger features you might be unaware of | Trick to get unblocked from all the blocked lists

Posted by Sahil Goyal
Whatsapp messenger has gained so much popularity that even enterprises use it for personal or official works. It is widely used across the globe and the app version was launched for Smartphone devices only. You can use it into your Windows PC, Linux and Mac devices using Whatsapp Web or by making use of Android emulators you would be able to run the app version into your Windows and Mac Systems. There are still some issues in the app, but those can be removed/overcome using tips and tricks for Whatsapp messenger.

Whatsapp hidden features and tricks

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So here 5 tricks are given actually these are not tricks, there are the options given inside the Whattsapp messenger and these options will help you using Whatsapp smoothly.

1. Tired of auto downloading of media files, then stop it

Whenever someone sends any media files like images, videos or audio files, Whatsapp automatically download these files without your permission, whenever you connect to internet. This might be troublesome when you have limited data left and people are sending so many media files directly to you or in a group you joined.

Whatsapp has given an option, by turning of Whatsapp no longer auto download these media files, then you would be able to download media whenever you want not anytime when you connect to internet.

Steps to disable Auto-download media on Android

  1. Open Whatsapp messenger
  2. Go to Settings
  3. navigate to Chats and Calls and open it
  4. Now there would be an option named " Media Auto-Download"
  5. You can set when you want to download these media files i.e. whenever connected to Wi-FI network or when in roaming etc.

Steps to disable Auto-download media on iPhone/iPad/iOS

In iPhone/iPad devices you can either turn ON or OFF auto downloads, there is no specific option like as in Android version of Whatsapp messenger.

2. Turn off Blue Ticks

Whatsapp has given ticking system to the messages since the first version.
  • Clock mark show you are not connected to the internet but your message saved and will be delivered when your device connect to the internet.
  • One tick shows you message is sent but not delivered to the device on the other side
  • Two Grey Tick show that your message is sent and delivered to the device on the other side, but not seen by the receiver person
  • Two Blue ticks show that your delivered message is seen by the receiver
When someone send you messages through Whatsapp, the tick marks turned blue on sender's side whenever you read them. But you can prevent those ticks for turning blue, Whatsapp has also given an option for that.

turn off blue ticks after message seen

Steps to prevent ticks from turning blue after message seen

  1. Go to Settings
  2. open Account
  3. Navigate to Privacy options
  4. And then there will be toggle button given for Read Receipts, turn of the toggle button for disabling the Blue ticks feature

3. Change current Whatsapp number

Sometime we need to change the current contact number using which we are registered on Whatsapp to a new or any old number, but people worries about their saved data and chats on the older account. So people either don't change their Whatsapp account number or they create new account. When I was new on Whatsapp I accidentally deleted my current account from the Whatsapp while changing to another account.

Changing Whatsapp account feature doesn't delete your chats and data related to your old account number, rather it migrate older account to new account and merge all the chats related to your older account and new account.

Change current Whatsapp number

Steps to Change the Account on Whatsapp Messenger

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Navigate to Account
  3. Tap on Change my Number
  4. And tap on Continue
  5. Enter your old number related to your current Whatsapp account
  6. And Your new number in the next field
  7. Verify new number through SMS or Call and then you have changed to a new account without losing your old data and chats

4. Changing messages Font

Whatsapp messenger has described a new hidden way to change the fonts of the messages you sent to others. The new font is known as FixedSys and using it you can Bold, Italics, Strike through your text using some extra symbols. It's been difficult for Apple users to use FixedSys due to their default iOS keyboard sucks when it comes to use these symbols. Its been very tough to find these symbols in default iOS keyboard. But the Android users can take advantage of it.

Changing messages Font FixedSys

Steps to use FixedSys font in Whatsapp messenger

  • To change the current font use ` symbol three times before the start of the message and at the end of the message you want to change (this is not single quote symbol)
    • Eg: ```Hello this is FixedSys```
    • Eg: Hello this is ```FixedSys``` hope you enjoyed it
  • Enclose your message into * symbol to bold the message
    • Eg: *This message is shown in bold*
  • Enclose your message into _ symbol (underscore) to Italic your message
    • Eg: _this message will be shown in Italics_
  • Enclose your message into ~ symbol to strike through your message
    • Eg: ~This is strike through ~

5. Delete your Whatsapp Account

Some people are not addicted to chatting and don't found Whatsapp so useful. So Whatsapp provides you an option to delete your Whatsapp account permanently. There might be several other reasons behind deleting the account, but unlike other apps you are free to delete current Whatsapp account. Keep in mind that deleting the account is permanent and you can't undo the changes. Deleting account results in deleting all your chats and data associated with your current account. It also removes you from all the groups you have joined saved backups on Google drive.

 Delete your Whatsapp Account

Steps to delete Whatsapp account permanently

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Navigate to Account
  3. And tap on Delete my Account
  4. And confirm your selection.

6. Unblock from all the account

Whatsapp hasn't given any option to get unblocked from all the accounts that have blocked you from sending messages and seeing their stuff like statuse, profile pictures etc. You need to use this trick to get unblock from all the accounts.

Steps to unblock from all the accounts that previously blocked you

In the fifth trick i have described you about deleting the Whatsapp account permanently and this will lead to deletion of all your online activity and removal from groups and this will also removes you from the block list of the accounts that have blocked your number.

  1. Delete your current account which you want to be removed from the block list of others, use the fifth trick to delete your account
  2. Now register for new account on Whatsapp using the number related to your deleted account
  3. And now you can send messages to the people, who blocked your account.

I hope you enjoyed these tricks and might be useful for you and your friends and don't forget to share if you like this post.

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Free download Prisma App for Android apk & iOS/iPhone/iPad and WIndows PC & Mac

Posted by Sahil Goyal
Prisma Photo Editor app is recently launched in the market and has gained popularity because of its awesome editing and filtering features. it's getting thousands of downloads daily and reached to millions of downloads within few weeks. Apart from the filtering features, it turns your image into a real world artwork gives a feel like its been painted by famous artists like Picasso, Edward Munch, Vincent Van Gogh. It transform your images using style of the famous artists as well as popular patterns and world famous ornaments. It helps you turn unforgettable moments into memorable timeless art by making use of the artificial intelligence and neural networks.

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free download Prisma app for Android and iPhone

In this internet world clicking pictures and posting to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other social sites & apps are too common, it's in trend nowadays. People like editing Pictures and adding filters to their pics before uploading then on social sites, even some of the sites like Instagram etc. provide you some options to edit your pic after upload and before posting. But now Prisma Photo app has taken over filtering process. Having Prisma photo app into our Smartphones gives a feel like carrying Picasso with us.

First Prisma was launched only for Apple (iOS/iPhone/iPad) devices but later on after getting popularity it's been launched for Android also on July 19th of 2016. They released beta version for Android so people can check it for vulnerabilities and give them feedback to make it absolute app for photo editing. And on 24th of July official version was released and it's working well now. Before going further let me introduce you some key highlights of Prisma app.

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free download Prisma app for Android and iPhone

Features for Prisma Photo Editor App

  • There are lots of filters given in the app and they are far better than Instagram filters
  • You have never seen these kinds of artwork before into any other app
  • All the filters are builtin into the app you doesn't need to download any filters from outside
  • Resulted image has an art style of an highly skilled artists like Picasso, Edward Munch, Vincent Van Gogh.
  • It uses combination of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Neural Networks to apply these awesome filters and effects
  • Various styles are given in the app you can choose any of them

Prisma Photo Editor is a light weighted app for available for Android, iPhones and Windows Smartphones. You can also use Prisma app into Windows PC and Mac systems.

Its around 15MB in size and to download Prisma app for Android, your device must run on Android version 4.0.3 or greater. For iOS devices their platform version must be 2.0.1 or greater.

Here we have given methods to download Prisma app for iPhone/iOS devices, Android devices and Windows Smartphones devices. You can download Prisma into your PC and Mac devices and steps are given below to download it into your PC,Desktops and Laptops , Mac systems.

Download Prisma app for Android Smartphones and Tablets

Prisma app is available on Google's Play Store, on their official Prisma site and on the app markets and app sites like getjar, apk4fun etc. You can download Prisma from play store or anywhere you want. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version so that you can advantage the updated features and removed vulnerabilities.

While downloading Prisma from App markets other than Google's play store you need to allow your device to install from unknown sources otherwise you wouldn't be able to install the downloaded files.

If you are downloading Prisma from sites other than from their official site then make sure you have downloaded from trusted app store because Prisma uses your network so if you have downloaded any modded file then attacker may steal your information or private files.

Download Prisma app for iPhone/iPad/iOS devices

In iOS devices you have only one and only option to download apps and that is App Store, unless you have a jail-broken device. Prisma app is available on the Apple's App Store, you can download it from there and enjoy editing your pics and share them on social media.

free download Prisma app for Android and iPhone

Download Prisma for Windows PC and Mac systems

Prisma app is officially launched only for Android and Apple devices but you can use it into your Windows 7/8/10 PCs and Mac systems by making use of Android emulators and Android apk fie for Prisma app.

Steps to Download Prisma app for Windows 7/8/10 PC

Android emulators allows you to run Android apps into your PC and desktops so to use Prisma Photo app into your PC, first of all you need an Android emulator like Bluestacks, Andy Android etc. There are lots of emulators available on the web, some of them are free and some are paid. You can use any of them, even free versions works fine but make sure you have RAM storage at least 512MB, systems with RAM storage 2GB or more works smoothly with Bluestacks.

  1. Download any emulator
  2. Install is properly using automatic configuration or manual settings
  3. Open it and launch Play Store given in the list of apps
  4. it would ask to register for Google account, use existing if you have already otherwise create new account, it doesn't take much time
  5. Search for Prisma and download it
  6. Now open it and start making world class art work with the few clicks of your mouse

Steps to Download Prisma app for Mac systems

Steps for downloading Prisma for Mac are similar to the steps for Windows PC all you need it emulator installed on your mac and Prisma apk app or download it from Play store.

You can even download the apk version of Prisma app from the web and then install it into the emulator using App handler

So this was all about Prisma app, an easy and great way of turning your memories into an art work. I hope you enjoyed reading this article any suggestions are welcomed.

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21 August, 2016

Google Duo - Video calling was never been so simpler and secure

Posted by Sahil Goyal
There are lots of apps releasing day by day most of them are scraps but  some are worthy downloads. Recently Google launched Google Duo, a simple interfaced video calling app available for Android and iOS devices. It makes one on one calling between Android to Android and Android to iOS devices unlike Apple's Facebook which has dependency on compatible devices. The only requirement is, Duo must be installed into both devices. While Android users enjoying calling to their friends through Duo, iOS users doesn't have that advantage they can only call to Android devices i.e. Duo can;t be used to make calls between iPhone and iPhone. Main highlights of this app is given below.

Google Duo - Video calling was never be so simpler and secure

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Features of Google Duo

Google Duo is enriched with lots of awesome features which makes it different from its sister apps and stand it alone from the queue.

1. Check previews with Knock Knock

Knock Knock is one of the important features of Duo, using this feature you would be able to watch the preview about who you are calling by opening their device's camera in real time. If your are initializing the call then you will be notified through a small message when the person you are calling uses this knock knock option.

If you are an Android user then you will get call alert whether Duo is opened or not, but for Apple users you will be notified if Duo is opened in background otherwise you will get a notification about "Someone is calling you".

But sometime you worry about this knock knock feature and want to prevent getting seen before you want, don't worry there is an option too for disabling this Knock Knock feature, and then only people who already been in your contact list would be able to see your preview in real time. But you can't turn off this feature on person to person basis, i.e. either Knock Knock or nothing.

You can even block someone on Duo from calling you and the best thing when you block someone, that person doesn't got any clue of blocking, when they call you, they will hear continuous ring as other people hear but you will not get any notification about them.

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2. Super Simple Interface

Duo is designed to compete with Apple's FaceTime, so User-Friendly interface is given to Duo. You'll see few options to make Video Call and your recent calls history will be displayed before you begin any call (Sorry there is no audio only call option). During call, you have options like Switch Camera, mute-Audio, hangup and rest of the screen filled with the person on the other line. You'll see your self in a small circle at the lower left of the screen. If you want to see yourself on full screen just tap on the preview circle at the lower left of your screen in which your image is displayed currently.

3. Duo different than Hangouts and Other communication tools

You might be wondering Google has already launched many communication tools and Video calling feature is given to the Google's Hangouts, then why Duo?

First of all, Duo is designed only for person-to-person video calls only, no texts, no group chats no audio calls. While using Hangouts you can text chat with your friends and even add more people to your chat i.e. group chats, you can Audio call to your friends.

Hangouts can be used on Desktops, Smartphones and Tablets but Duo is designed for mobile devices i.e. it can only be used on Smartphones and Tablets.

While signing into Google Duo, it requires a contact number not Google account, unlike Hangouts where you need to login through Google account and signup for new service.

There is End-to-End encryption given in Duo i.e. no one can see your chat other than you and person on other side, even Google wouldn't be able see your chat.

4. It works fine even on weaker networks

Not surprisingly Google Duo works smoothly on high speed wi-fi, even you wouldn't find any problem while using it on lower speed weaker networks. Their compression technique is so much powerful that, they carry image and audio without any packets loss and resulted in extremely pixel-ed pretty clear stable image with clear audio in your device and the quality automatically changes when joined to another network or Wi-Fi.

5. It's worth a shot of using it

There are lots of apps already lying in internet for Video calling and similar features and Duo is coming to the crowded space, this time is has to compete not only to Skype, Facebook and some other apps but with Google's Hangout too.

And all these other apps do more than person-to-person calling i.e. they supports group calling, text chatting, audio only calls supported etc. But the features given to Duo are lacking in every other apps like Knock Knock and especially end-to-end encryption.

Google believes that if you want to call a friend then you wouldn't require any group chats etc. it make things mixed and mashy.

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In the last, I just wanna say True iPhone users might stick to the Facetime but the Duo filled the gap between the iPhone and the Android users and its Knock Knock features added a quality to the Duo and the app made is so simpler to say Hi and Hello and with its end-to-end encryption you would no longer required to worry about the security concerns.

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Fix your Webcam crashing after Windows 10 Anniversary update

Posted by Sahil Goyal
Recently Microsoft launched big Anniversary update for their Windows 10 users, update includes significant changes to the Windows interface and support for the webcams. But if you are trying to open your camera app/Webcam then it might terminates abnormally, don't panic you are not the only one getting this trouble. This issue causing several Webcams inoperable, troubling customers as well as enterprise. This issue is significantly reported by Windows 10 users after they updated to Anniversary update for Windows 10.

Fix for WIndows 10 webcam crash issue

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Microsoft added Windows camera frame server that provides a new way to access Webcams directly from the applications and it also prevents compression formats MJPEG & H.264 being recently used by Webcams. Microsoft designed Camera Frame Server in a way that it will only receive YUY2 encoded uncompressed streams from the Webcams, it affected millions of Webcams even more than Microsoft expected. This is the only reason behind freezing and crashing of your camera while Video callings and recordings over Skype and Other apps. This issue is first reported by Brad Sams of Thurrot . 

Microsoft announced that, they have planned for this issue and they will release an update in September. But you have to wait for 1 month for the update and patch for this issue. For users who don't wanna wait for the update here a method is given using which you would be able to re-enable the old behavior of your Webcam.

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Method to Fix Windows 10 Webcam crash issue :

To apply this method you are not required to be a specialist or any deep knowledge of how computer works. You just need to change some registry settings of your Windows 10 enabled system. The method is very simple just follow the instructions given below.

Steps for Windows 10 32-bit :
  1. Open the regedit.exe [ search for regedit in the search box or run box ]
  2. In the left most column few options are given, now navigate to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE"
  3. Double click on it and sub-list will arrive. doing so navigate to "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows media foundation\Platform"
  4. after navigating to Platform, right click on it and click on New -> DWORD(32-bit) value
  5. Set Name as"EnavleFrameServerMode" and value as 0

Steps for Windows 10 64-bit :
  • In 64 bit systems the path is little different you need to navigate to "SOFTWARE\WOW6432N\Microsoft\Windows media foundation\Platform" inside "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" and rest of the steps are same as 32-bit.

Now save and close the regedit.exe app, and re-launch the Webcam or the app which require Webcam, no reboot or logout required, doing so wouldn't affect anything. For next update you need to delete the changes made now i.e. delete the "EnavleFrameServerMode" named entry before updating September update. The above described method is simple bu you need to be careful while changing registry settings. One single mistake can make your system unstable or may be temporary or permanently inoperable.

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20 August, 2016

Free download Viber for WIndows PC, Mac &Llinux and enjoy free unlimited worldwide calling

Posted by Sahil Goyal
Hello folks, today we are gonna talk about Viber, you might have used Viber many times before
but after reading this post i'm sure you gonna use is more than before. And today I'm gonna share how to download Viber for PC and Mac platforms. There are lots of social messaging apps available on the Google's play store and many other app markets. Many of them are free for lifetime but some costs after their free trials. But free versions sucks, they irritate with ads and poor quality interface and services but it's different when it comes to Viber so let's start with small introduction to Viber.

free download viber for PC mac and linux

Viber is one of the oldest, popular and widely used social messaging apps, used to send messages and free audio and video calls among other Viber users across the world. It is best known for its simplicity, you just need to enter your mobile number and the world of unlimited free calling is with you. You can download Viber for Android devices from Google's Play Store and for iOS devices it can be downloaded from App Store and for Windows Mobile platform visit Windows Store. There are two methods available to download Viber in PC, Linux & Mac and you can use any of them both works fine.

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Before moving directly to the method for downloading, I did like to list out some important features of Viber given below.

Features of Viber for PC and Smartphones

  • You already knew the main feature of VIber i.e. it is used to make free calls to anyone across the world, the only thing the caller and receiver need is the Viber installed into their devices and having internet access.
  • Viber uses VoIP to make calls so calls through Viber can be made to people having different network operators to the caller.
  • Some other apps provide free calling feature but they failed when it comes to clear voice and latency. Viber provides good voice quality over slow network connections with very little voice latency. It played main role behind the success of Viber
  • With free calls, you can send stickers, text and video messages.
  • You can easily synchronize between other devices.
  • Ongoing calls can be transferred to another device.
  • You just need a contact number, a name and a status to getting started with Viber.

Requirements for Installing Viber for PC

  • You just need to have internet connectivity in your PC/Mac and make sure your system have RAM size more than 256 MB, 4GB or more would be best.

Download Viber for PC(Windows/Mac) using Bluestacks

Android emulators are well known for running Android apps on Windows PC and OSX OS. Bluestacks and Andy are famous among them and the best thing is they are freely available on internet and their official website. Here we are using Bluestacks emulator for using Viber in PC and Mac systems.

  • First of all you need to have Bluestacks installed into your PC/Mac, you can download it using this link- download Bluestacks.
  • After downloading Bluestacks install it properly, you can use automatic configuration or manually configure the emulator.
  • Now open Bluestacks and login to Bluestacks account or register a new account.
  • Visit Google's play store and search for Viber.
  • Download Viber and install it.
  • Register for new account on Viber and start making free calls worldwide.

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Downlaod official Viber app for Windows PC-Mac-Linux

Official version of Viber for Windows and other desktop platforms is also available, follow the steps to download official version :
  • visit Viber's official website 
  • Choose your platform if given among the list
  • download it and install properly
  • Register using your contact number and start talking with your friends and family world wide.

In the last I wanna say there are too many apps available for the same features given by Viber and Viber is the alternative to all the apps like Whatsapp, WeChat, Hike etc. You might be using any of them, but you can also use Viber for a change, i bet you wouldn't be discouraged. 

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