11 June, 2017

Is LiFi the new WiFi?

Posted by Sahil Goyal
For those of us old enough to remember that awful sound as dial up internet tried, usually in vain, to connect us to the world at large, an improvement on the wonders of WiFi can seem a little superfluous, but as our need for speed and reliance on connectivity continues to grow exponentially, it is only a matter of time before a new delivery method supersedes good old WiFi. LiFi could just be that beast. LiFi is a wireless optical networking technology taking advantage of LEDs to transmit data.

How does LiFi work?

The way that LiFi is designed is that it uses LED light bulbs, just like those in modern, energy conscious houses and office buildings. These LED bulbs, however, are fitted with a chip that modulates the light in a tiny way to facilitate the transmission of optical data.
LiFi is designed to use LED light bulbs similar to those currently in use in many energy-conscious homes and offices. However, LiFi bulbs are outfitted with a chip that modulates the light imperceptibly for optical data transmission. LiFi data is transmitted by the LED bulbs and received by photoreceptors.

What are the practical benefits over WiFi?

LiFi is still really in its infancy in terms of its development as a viable rival to WiFi, but the early models were capable of 150 Mbps, which is obviously a very good start. There have already been some commercial kits released that are capable of that same speed. Under lab conditions, however, using stronger LEDs and altered technology it has been possible to achieve as much as 10Gbps!
In terms of a brief outline of the advantages of LiFi over WiFi (and indeed in general), here are a few of the key ones:
  • Potential for much higher speeds – just how high is anyone’s guess.
  • 10,000 times the frequency spectrum capability of radio.
  • Capable of stopping the problem of neighbouring network interference.
  • Enhanced security.
  • Eliminates the piggybacking problem.
  • Not impeded by radio wave interference.
  • No interference with sensitive electronics – a real improvement for use in hospitals and on aeroplanes.

Discussion and testing

LiFi technology could be fitted in every light in a building, vastly enhancing coverage compared to a single or even multiple WiFi routers. Of course the technology is not without its problems, not least the fact that it needs a clear line of sight and also requires that lights stay on for uninterrupted operation, which has a cost and environmental implication.
Obviously in an industry whose mantra is bandwidth, bandwidth, bandwidth, this is unlikely to prove an insurmountable drawback. Ariel Gomez, who headed a team of researchers at Oxford University, carried out tests that highlighted the vast potential of the technology. Gomez and his team situated hubs in a series of rooms designed to send data to and from each other by harnessing a ‘holographic beam steering’ both from the receiver and transmitter. These steerers function as prisms, bending the wavelength as and when it is needed. For instance, with a 60 degree field of view, six wavelength each managed to transmit data at 37.4 Gbps, achieving an aggregate bandwidth of 224 Gbps. With a 36 degree field of view they only succeded in opening three channels and achieving 112 Gbps aggregate.
The phase of testing has moved on now to focus on implementing some type of tracking mechanism, which would enable devices to directly connect to the transmissions themselves, but the initial tests are incredibly promising and if the field of vision conundrum can be solved then there is every chance that you’ll be changing over from WiFi to LiFi in your lifetime.
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03 June, 2017

Cinema Box HD APK: Download the Latest Version For Android

Posted by Sahil Goyal
Cinema box: Do you Love watching movies and TV shows. I guess you do! I’m pretty sure about this. If you have an android device then you must have sometimes searched for watching movies online on your device. Cinema Box offers a wide range and varieties of movies and T.V shows which anyone from any country can watch for free and easily by just a click without costing a single cent. Cinema Box HD allows you to watch movies and T.V shows in High Definition picture and sound quality. That is the only one reasons, why cinema box is popular worldwide.

Cinema Box HD APK
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25 May, 2017

Porter Finance: What is the Deposit Bonus?

Posted by Sahil Goyal
When it comes to binary options trading, there are numerous trading platforms that you can sign up on to be able to start the actual trade. To open an account, signing up is not the only thing that you have to do. You will also have to send a deposit in accordance to that trading platforms minimum deposit requirement. It will also depend on what account you want to have with that trading platform.
If you plan to open an account with Porter Finance, then you can expect to enjoy a number of deposit bonuses. There are even times when you are provided with money, as an addition to your initial deposit, so that you can make the trade more profitable. The most important bonus that you will be receiving from your broker is basically the deposit bonus.

bitcoins trading

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Try out these Flat Irons for best Hair Straightening Experience

Posted by Sahil Goyal

Finding the best straightener for you

If you’re intimidated by the plethora of options in the flat iron market, know that you don’t have to be. This article will outline much of what you’ll need to know when it comes time to purchase the best straightener for you.
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23 May, 2017

Amazing SEO tools you must give a try in 2017, really helpful for your site growth

Posted by Sahil Goyal
Before implementing an SEO strategy, it is necessary to carry out an in-depth and detailed analysis that tells us what aspects need improvement. Given that there are more than 200 factors that are taken into account by search engine algorithms, it is easy to assume that such an analysis needs to be done not only in the most efficient way but also in a quick way. Hence the use of SEO tools is essential in this task. Optimizing a website internally requires a valuation of different variables, and likewise, we need to know the inbound links profile that our website has and what the competition is doing to get a better treatment than we do.

best seo tools for your site

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18 May, 2017

Encrypt Your Private Files And Stay Relaxed even after Breach in your System - A basic Introduction to Encryption

Posted by Sahil Goyal
Encrypt Everything (E^2) is fundamentally about your privacy. We have come to expect personal privacy in many areas of life. We expect what we do within our own homes to be private from others. We expect our mail to get to its sender without being opened and read by other people. We expect banks to keep our financial records private.

encrypt your personal files
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136 Stupid things to say to Siri | Apple's personal assistant

Posted by Sahil Goyal
Siri is one of the amazing features given into Apple devices. You can use is as your personal assistant to get things done easily without touching your Apple devices just by simple voice commands. Siri can helps you in sending texts, setting alarms, making calls and playing music. Siri is clever and charming, programmed to offer great services with one line commands along with good advice.

136 Stupid things to say to Siri

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Below I have given a list of funny things to ask to Siri and see what she respond to your queries. One things is clear that the developers had lots of fun while testing Siri with these queries. Siri got amazing responses for these awesome funny queries, looks like a ball full of energy trapped into a black metallic body.

136 Stupid things to say to Siri - is this siri looks like

Below you will find list of :

  • Basic Getting to know about Siri
  • Creepy Personal Queries
  • Digging Philosophical Questions

There are some Silly requests, funny things and Get Siri to curse on us are also listed. Keep asking these queries repeatedly and there's interesting thing happen. Close look at the response/ mood of Siri while answering repeated queries.

Silly questions to ask from Siri

  1. Who are You?
  2. What are You?
  3. Are you Human?
  4. How are You?
  5. Where are You?
  6. How's it going?
  7. Who is Siri?
  8. Who do you look like?
  9. What You are made of?
  10. What's new?
  11. What you are wearing?
  12. What does Siri means?
  13. Are you Alien?
  14. Are you Male or Female?
  15. Are you Gay or Shemale?
  16. Where are you from?
  17. How old you are?
  18. Do you need to play?
  19. What's your story?
  20. Did you ever evolved?
  21. Why? <--------------- Keep repeating this
  22. Why Not?  <--------------- Keep repeating this
  23. What do you eat?
  24. Where my keys got placed?
  25. Why fire trucks painted Red?
  26. What are your Interests? 
  27. Who is your favorite?
  28. Have you ever watched porn?
  29. What's your favorite website?
  30. What's best smartphone?
  31. What's best tablet?
  32. Can you lend me some money?
  33. What's your problem?
  34. Are you serious?
  35. Are you Kidding me?
  36. What's wrong with my network?
  37. Is there any method to hack you?
  38. Will you merry me?
  39. Tell me about the best computer in the world?
  40. Guest What? Fuck you?
  41. Who will merry me?

Personal Questions to ask about Siri

  1. Are You naked?
  2. Who are your Parents?
  3. Did you ever sex?
  4. What's your Secret?
  5. Are you married?
  6. What's the meaning of your life?
  7. Will you me my Valentine?
  8. Have you ever gone to dates?
  9. What you are doing here?
  10. Do you take drugs? From where I can get them?
  11. Did you Fart?
  12. Do i make you horny?
  13. Do you love me?
  14. Do you smoke?
  15. Do you drink?

Funny Nosy Questions to ask Siri

  1. Who lets the dog out ?
  2. Why chickens crossing the road
  3. Who's on first?
  4. Whats came first? hen or egg?
  5. Scooby, where are you?
  6. Have you traveled the world ?
  7. Do you know about HAL 1000 ?
  8. Where I can hide a dead body?
  9. Where do kids come from?
  10. Why it is said Menopause if it can't be resumed ?

Funny Things to Ask Siri about you

  1. What do you think about me?
  2. Am I Fat?
  3. What should I wear?
  4. What is my name?
  5. How long my dick is?

Deep Philosophical questions to ask Siri

  1. Do you believe in God?
  2. When will be the end of the world?
  3. Have you ever seen Cupids?
  4. What the meaning of life?
  5. Who will beneficial to universe?
  6. Where I can get some Aliens?
  7. What is Love?
  8. Do machines feel pain?
  9. Is Santa clause real?
  10. When did People fly?
  11. If you are robot, do you follow the three robotic rules?
  12. How can I become immortal?
  13. Do you have any expiry time?
  14. We are living a real life or fantasy?
  15. Do animals speak?

Confuse Siri with silly things and make some laugh

  1. Call me ****** ? (use any silly same and and enjoy what she respond to you with that name)
  2. You should go on a date
  3. You need to manage your diets
  4. Make me feel horny
  5. Click a photo
  6. Poop
  7. Set alarm for 12:00 pm and cancel it
  8. Take me to yout chief
  9. Show me what you got
  10. Open the P0d Bay doors
  11. Talk dirty to me
  12. Elaborate about yourself
  13. Talk to me
  14. Do to trash
  15. Shoe me your speed
  16. Repeat after me
  17. Sing me a song in louder voice
  18. Tell me a dirty joke (do it over and over)
  19. Disguise me
  20. Tell me Chacha Chodhri Jokes

Funny things to say to Siri

  1. I'm naked
  2. I'm feeling horny
  3. Knock , Knock !!!
  4. Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
  5. You are too hot
  6. Show me your face
  7. God bless you
  8. You may live long
  9. I'm in great need to take a dump
  10. Merry Christmas!
  11. Testing, Testing, Hello, hello 1,2,3
  12. I need one night stand
  13. Happy Birthday
  14. I love you
  15. Lol
  16. You are a shit
  17. Blah blah blah
  18. You suck
  19. Thank you
  20. You are so boring
  21. Ha ha ha ha
  22. I'm too tired
  23. I need a soft drink
  24. You are the best assistant
  25. I can't see you
  26. You are fake
  27. I'm going to kill myself
  28. You are wrong
  29. You are my girl friend
  30. You are my best friend

Get Siri to curse at you

You might know Siri recognize you with your name stored in your contacts app. So go to the contacts app and change your name to whatever you want, place few symbols instead of your name. Whenever you ask Siri about your name, she will pick that symbolic name like as: You are @&%#@!$%^&&**, aren't you? Its totally funny.

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24 January, 2017

Rumors about iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, but its still ways off

Posted by Sahil Goyal
No doubt Apple is serving a great series of iPhone including the best one iPhone 4. Strong, rigid, stainless steel framed body that holds nearly two identical glass panes together that gives senses for the strength of iPhone 4 in comparison to that of any other of its predecessors excluding the iPhone SE with its Bravo features.

rumors about iPhone 8
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20 January, 2017

Latest working Whatsapp Messenger Tips and Tricks [Updated]

Posted by Sahil Goyal
Whatsapp is the most popular used messenger across the world. And Whatsapp Tips and Tricks are the most searched term on the Web. It shows that there are lots of features people are expecting from the Facebook to roll out them into their Whatsapp Messenger like Using Whatsapp without registering any number or using the fake mobile number.

latest whatsapp tips and tricks

So I decided to share some latest Whatsapp tricks of 2017 and some of its secrets methods people use while chatting. Before getting to its tips and tricks section, have a look at its Introduction.

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07 January, 2017

Enjoy Turning your walls into extended gaming screen

Posted by Sahil Goyal
Imagine a projector, that extends your gaming screen onto your sexy frigging walls !! Isn't it awesome?? Playing games on 3 screen monitor isn't the only ridiculous idea in the gaming history. Project Ariana, a projector that project shadows on the wall that seems like extending your gaming console screen onto walls unveiled at CES 2017. Projectors were never been so cool before.

project Ariana projector preview

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To detect where the main display is and to scan the actual room size the projector has two depth cameras. The Fisheye lens gets into action when the the projector get details about the room size and the position of the main display and then it projects the extended screen on the wall around your gaming screen to give a more immersive and an awesome gaming experience.

awesome gaming experience with project Ariana projector

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Now playing games isn't limited to your TV screen, its time to turn the whole wall for an awesome gaming experience.

awesome movie experience with project Ariana projector

And the Ariana projector isn't only limited to gaming your can experience watching movies and videos with expanded screen.

extend tv screen with ariana projectors

extend tv screen for awesome gaming experience

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